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Jun 9, 2004 08:13 PM

Bakersfield recommendations

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Here's my recommendations if you are heading to good old Bakersfield.
I grew up in the central valley, I have family members that live all over the region.

Downtown Bakersfield has a LOT of excellent dining options if you are on the road, the city has been trying to revitilze this district for a while.

Bakersfield is definitely a great destination for Mexican food,Basque food, Steaks/Chops, and maybe Italian.
Here is my list of fav Bakersfield joints.
1. WoolGrowers: If you like rustic food like
I do, then don't miss this
place, I love the soup
the beans, the Lamb Chops,
the salad, and they have
that I have ever tried,
and I mean the BEST!

2. KC's steak house: A great place to get
beautiful steaks and
chops, the place has a
great lounge atmosphere.
This place blows away
those tired chain joints
Outback or Black Angus
3. Luigi's: This is place is always packed
especially for lunch, great
Ital-American joint, that
has great sandwiches in a checkered
table cloth atmosphere
Great Sausage and peppers sandwiches.

4. Jacalitos: This is one of the best Mex
joints in the area, located
in Lamont ca., 15 miles south of

This is all I can think of at the moment.
I am sure there are more, investigate for yourselves.
After years of eating my way up and down the Central Valley, Bakersfield has the best dining options I have seen in the region.

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  1. 1. Woolies is awesome, but I actually prefer Benji's on Rosedale Highway just West of the 99. Benji used to be married to the daughter of the Woolies proprietors and was the cook there for many years. In my opinion, the sauce on the pickled tongue is much better, the steak and shrimp entree is awesome, and the house wine can't be beat. When you go to the bar in the far room, Benji is the bartender...Order a Picon punch for the full experience.

    If you do go to Woolies for lunch, order the Chain Lamb. It is a lamb french dip with lots of garlic.

    2. KC Steak House. I agree.

    3. Luigi's. I agree again...always good. Order the half and half or the Monty burger. Go next door and buy some of their sauces to go.

    4. Jacalito's. Again, I agree.

    Here are some additional places:

    5. Uricchio's (downtown on 17th St. behind the BofA building). Great italian food. Order one of the specials off of the back of the menu.

    6. Gumbeaux's (on Chester between 18th and 19th I think). Authentic cajun and the owner is a great guy.

    7. T.L. Maxwells (in the Alley behind Uricchio's in the Haberfelde building). Terry Maxwell has the most ambitious menu in Bakersfield. High quality food.

    There are lots more...

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    1. re: PBS

      Thanks for the suggestion on Benji's. I've eaten at Woolgrowers and it's the real deal. If Benji's is better, I'd like to try it.
      Others who have never had Picon Punch need to be forewarned. It's very potent. I don't know why, but its intoxicating effect go beyond the rated alcohol percentage.

      1. re: PBS

        Thanks for your suggestions

        Benji's is excellent, but it has been years since I ate there last, years ago when Benjis was at their old location, we used to eat there instead of WoolGrowers.
        I imagine the place still has good food.

        Also, I have been wanting to try Noriega's, my Mom swears by the place.

        Someone suggested I post a list of Bakersfield restaurants because people ask about it a lot.

        Bakersfield has become a nice city, the place has a lot of dining, shopping and other entertainment options
        for a city of its size.

        1. re: 100% Guapo

          Thank you- now I have good reasons to stop and eat lunch on the way to LA-LA land.

      2. I know this is an ancient thread.

        I'd like to know... is Jacalito's still good? This thread had me worried.

        Is Jacalito's still Jacalito's? Is El Pueblo the new Jacalito's? What's the scoop?

        Mr Taster