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Jul 12, 2012 09:04 AM

Peperoncino Macinato - Where can i get this Italian spice in NYC please?

I just came back from Umbria where the macerated...e.g. ground up into a fine powder - italian peperoncino is used in everything! Does anyone know where in NYC (or in the U.S. if I can order it) i can get it. (The brand in Italy is Cannamela but i have never seen that here!) Thank you.

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  1. I don't know if he uses it in any of his pepper blends, but Lior would be a good resource to ask. If anyone knows where to get a spice it'd be him:

    1. Why not just grind your own peperoncino in a spice grinder? DiPalo sells good quality minuscule sized whole peppers, as well as the flakes that you could turn into the powder. Or check BuonItalia.

      I imagine that the best comes from Calabria:

      1. I had been in the same predicament. We enjoyed Cannamela Peperoncino Macinato while in Italy and brought some back. We ran out and could not find it in USA. I did get whole dried peperoncino from Calabria and ground my own... Then I found Peperoncino in Polvere on Just do a search on and you will see several options for this finely ground Italian hot pepper.