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Jul 12, 2012 08:46 AM

Stuart/Jensen Beach/Pt. St. Lucie area?

I was happy to see a thread about the Port St. Lucie area until I noticed that it was a few years old.
We are heading to Stuart in a couple of weeks. We always go to Conchy Joe's and El Cubanito; however, we would appreciate recommendations on what is currently available in the area. Any kind of food is fine. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd go over to the Fort Lauderdale/Miami board with your request. Although your area is north, most of the SE Florida hounds are there. This board is everywhere else but mainly Tampa/St. Pete, Orlando, Jacksonville and SW Florida. Chowhound did not migrate old threads when they spun off the FtL/Miami board two or three years ago. LMF

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    1. We live in Stuart. What are you looking for?

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      1. re: drjimdolan

        Well, the only way I can explain this is say that we'd like to feel that we are experiencing Florida when we eat. We live in the NYC area, so we're looking for waterfront, palm trees, grouper, and places that generally pretty laid back.

      2. Higher end we always go to 11 Maple Street when we are in the area...which is a couple of times per year.

        Also like Riverwalk Cafe.....

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        1. Try Shuckers on Hutchinson Island. Great oceanfront place, good food and service, fun bartenders. For upscale, try 11 Maple Street in Jensen Beach or Riverwalk Cafe in downtown Stuart. For chains, there's a good Carrabba's and a Bonefish Grill, both on US1.

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          1. re: crobb

            Our current favorites are:
            1. Pietro's, on Hutchinson Island, river view;
            2. Casa Bella, just south of Roosevelt Bridge, north-central Stuart;
            3. Sailor's Return, same area, marina view.
            All three are mildly pricey.

            1. re: trail 6

              Great! Thanks to all. We're leaving tomorrow, so I will compile a list of all recommendations.