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Jul 12, 2012 08:29 AM

German Restaurant for Large Group?


I'm looking for a German restaurant to have an informal memorial/life celebration in the fall for about 60-70 people? Long Island/Queens and NJ are fine as well.

So far I've contacted:

- Zum Stammtisch
- Heidelberg
- Chalet Alpina
- Helmer's in Hoboken
- Lederhosen

Does anyone have any experience with the above and/or other recommendations?



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    1. Kilmeyer's Old Bavaria Inn , Staten Island .

      Not far from the Outerbidge .

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      1. re: arpad

        Arpad, am I reading something wrong on that menu? 265 dollars for lobster and 75 for roast chicken? Is that a family size portion or something?

        1. re: corvette johnny

          There's no lobster on that menu and the chicken dishes go for around $18 ?

          1. re: arpad

            Look at their menu online. I double checked. Lobster says 265 dollars. Lol

            1. re: corvette johnny

              Why am I not seeing the 256-dollar lobster?

              Thx for the suggestions! Staten Island may not be as convenient but it sounds like a place I'd want to try regardless.

              1. re: frauleinlaura

                If you go to the bottom of the main page on thier website and click "explore the food menu", you see the very expensive prices. If you just click on top on "explore the food menu", you get choices for menus you can open in PDF format with the more reasonalbe prices. Strange.

                1. re: CAB226

                  Ok good, you see it too and I am not going crazy. LOL

                  1. re: corvette johnny

                    OMG - WTF! That has to be a mistake.... all of those prices are inflated. $95 for octopus salad??? Is this place Per Se? LOL! Some rogue, pissed-off web designer must have had a field day or something.

                2. re: frauleinlaura

                  Attractive place on the west shore of Staten Island . Their web site doesn't give directions but if you come across the Outerbridge and take the first exit and go north staying as close to the water as you can you'll get there . The area looks like the 1920s never ended .

                3. re: corvette johnny

                  I got a very quick response and that is a catering menu . I told them it should be identified as such .
                  BTW the website is undergoing an complete overhaul according to their reply .

                4. re: arpad

                  I found that menu and sent them an email asking for clarification .
                  The menu at the top - labelled ' Food Menu ' is the one with the prices I've always paid .

            2. The original comment has been removed