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Jul 12, 2012 08:20 AM

Sushi Grade Tuna

I'm looking to buy some sushi grade tuna, live in the Merrimack Valley area - anyone know where? I haven't ventured to call any Japanese restaurants to see if I could buy from them or a good fish market, thought I'd try here first.

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  1. I've gotten it at a decent price at Captain Marden's in Wellesley. Not so close to you, but delicious. We turn it into poke. Ask for a tail piece for less grain!

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    1. Sushi grade tuna should be frozen first, then thawed to kill all parasites. That said, there is no standard for determining sushi-grading. My understanding is that the very very best fatty tuna for sushi and sushi-mi is shipped to Japan where folks will pay over $50/lb for the truly highest quality tuna. See this thread for other discussion on the subject. I get my tuna either at Connolly's in Gloucester or Crosby's market in Manchester, both frozen prior. It is decent but nothing like the silky fatty buttery tuna I pay dearly for in Boston's better sushi joints.

      1. Hometown Seafood in Andover could hook you up, if your willing to travel New Deal in Cambridge is my favorite.

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        1. Probably not geographically convenient at all, but Sakanaya in Allston is excellent. I regularly buy sashimi grade fish from there with very good results. I have bought akami, chu-toro and o-toro; bluefin, yellowfin, and big eye. I can be tricky to get exactly what you want since the selection there is variable depending on what comes in. They do have frozen stocks though if what you want is not in the cold case.

          1. Buyer beware- the bright red stuff is injected with Carbon Monoxide. Go for the true red color of the natural fish and protect your health.