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Jul 12, 2012 07:47 AM

Produce Stands - Lancaster County area

Live in Wyomissing, looking to take a drive on Saturday AM to a good produce stand in the Lancaster area. Looking for heirloom tomatoes among other things.

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    But if you are looking for great heirloom tomatoes I would go to Meadow View Farm in Bowers on the other side of the Reading area.

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      Thanks. We went yesterday to Meadowview Farms and bought two containers of tomatoes...very delicous and will go back. We stopped at the Bowers Hotel for lunch... terrible, slow service, food was average.

    2. Hoovers ( is a great farm stand. Not sure about the heirlooms... Reiffs is close to Hoovers and worth a stop if you're already in the area. Maybe stop on your way to/from Central Market?