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Jul 12, 2012 07:15 AM

Maine battered fried clams

years ago there was a take out place on rt 1 near boothbay where you could get batter fried clams. Also in Yarmouth, there was a restaurant "Downeast Village" where they had the best batter fried clams which got sold last year.
does anyone know of any othere places in Maine to get "battered " fried clams, preferably midcoast?

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  1. To me, all the fried clams available are battered but perhaps you are looking for a thicker coating. Both my husband and I think that the fried clams at Mike's Clam Shack, Rt 1, Wells, might be coated with some kind of crumbs on top of the batter. It's definitely a different kind of batter and possible what some might call "breaded".

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      Batter fried aren't very popular in Maine. Most places are "crumb" fried. Batter-fried is more like "tempura style" These photos might help explain the difference d frost, first the batter and 2nd the crumb:

      I think I've read that Ken's Place in Scarborough, and The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, both offer the "batter-fried" clams.

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        Now you've gone and done it, jackattack. Full-blown clam envy/craving going on here right now. (Allow me to wipe the drool off my keyboard, please.) While I always vote for traditional NE clams (duh - I'm from New England), I wouldn't turn my nose up at those battered clams at Luke's! Did I mention the drool factor?

        Pass the tartar sauce, please.

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          I was at Ken's 10 days ago and they were able to give me half crumb and half batter since it wasn't busy (see long review of Bar Harbor/Camden/Portsmouth). I felt like I had to try the batter/tempura style but not sure why anyone would want that, far inferior to traditional IMHO. I took this photo but am not sure you can really see the contrast. Make sure you ask for their homemade tartar sauce. It doesn't cost extra, not sure why they don't just give it to you rather than those ridiculous little packets.

      2. Maybe there should be a shelter for battered clams...

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          I will give them a safe place in my belly...

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            Tripeler - haha! I think we can do something about clam abuse by stopping clam bullying before it starts. It's all about education and public awareness.

            I'd still appreciate some tartar sauce. It helps bring down the swelling.

          2. Last time I was at Red's, which was admittedly a zillion years ago, all their fried food was substantially battered.

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              Had them at Red's Eats in Wiscasset in 2010 and I enjoyed that as much as their lobster roll!

            2. thanks everyone for the info. i'm going to Maine sat for vacation. i'm actually from Ct so maybe someone knows of good fried clams in ct