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Jul 12, 2012 07:12 AM

sushi blasphemy (take-out/delivery)

Hi, I am looking for reasonably priced sushi delivery (or take-out if it's not too far away) for a party of about a dozen people. I'm in lower Pacific Heights. I tried Godzila and I really wanted to like it. While the fish was fresh, it seemed sloppy and the consistency/flavors weren't that great. Any other suggestions? I'm looking for a place with good appetizers and simple basic rolls rather than wildly inventive ones. Thanks!

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  1. Lower Pacific Heights? Then you are near Japan Town with many choices including Isobune, etc...

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      Thanks. I am new to the area & don't know Japan Town yet. So Isobune is the one you'd recommend?

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        Isobune is where I go for fast inexpensive sushi. It has little boats that the chefs keep filled, plus you can order via the waitresses. The turnover is good so the fish is fresh. Won't be the prettiest but it will be fine for your purposes. They've expanded their offerings which use to be pretty basic. I would suggest spending some time walking around Japan Town checking out the windows and take out displays at the many restaurants plus checking out Nijiya as another poster suggested. My other go to places are Mifune for soba noodles and Maki for full dinners.

    2. Nijiya Market in Jtown makes rolls fresh every day and they're good. You can probably order a sashimi/sushi platter or just pick up a bunch of rolls. If you're feeling up to it, you can buy their sashimi grade fish and just slice your own. They have other prepared foods, marinated meats, frozen edamame, marble sodas, cute selection of sweets and crackers, hellokitty tchotchkes, everything you could want for a cool party.

      1. You're not really going to get good sushi when ordering delivery or takeout. I would just go for Nijiya Market as recommended by rubadubgdub. It won't be very good, but at least it won't be expensive. Avoid Isobune like the plague.

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          Isobune is not artistic like Sushi Ran, Kabuto etc but it also doesn't cost as much. I don't go there for high end sushi. I go to Isobune for a fast, relatively inexpensive sushi. When I have a lot of time I go to the latter restaurants but pay a whole lot more. I was surprised by the expansion of Isobune's offerings when I went there last week. They were very good. She wants take out platters. I agree with Nimiya Market but Isobune is a reasonable alternative.