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Jul 12, 2012 07:12 AM

Help -Two dinners left to pick for 5 day Boston trip!

Hello helpful Boston Hounds! Still need to pick where to go for dinner on Saturday and Tuesday night! Considering Erbaluce, Toro, Scampo and Stella. Thoughts? Also, in our itinerary we are not going to Charlestown - is there anywhere there or elsewhere worth going for dinner? Prices moderate (no more than 25 per entree). Looking for a great meal that is no Asian or Ethnic inspired. Area can be anywhere as long as it's not more than 40 minutes travel (walking or transit) from 510 Atlantic Ave.

Here is the link to the itinerary thread - if you scroll down you can view the most updated itinerary (take 3).

Thanks! I appreciate any and all advice.

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  1. these choices are radically different menus-- maybe you should take a look at their online menus and decide what kind of food you are most interested in. Also I thought you said you were looking for American food, none of those choices would qualify.

    1. I would rank those 1A Toro, 1B Erbaluce, 3. Scampo, 4. Stella. And if you are still looking for American Food, check out the menu for Area Four.

      1. If you're staying at the Intercontinental you're close enough to the Seaport to walk there. I didn't see that on your itinerary. If nothing else you should have drinks on the roof at Legal seafood. There will be tons of people walking around and it's a good walk along the water. Scampo has a nice courtyard area otherwise those places are a toss up.

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          If you'd like something French and affordable with music and walkable try Les Zygomates on Lincoln. For American and fun and affordable, though only walkable if you like a long walk, try Coppa or the Salty Pig. Don't know if any of those have already been recommended but I kind of don't feel it's my job to read all your many iterations.

        2. I think you should work some spontaneity into your trip, in light of how truly well planned-out the rest of your itinerary is.

          1. Bergamot or Tupelo would get my vote for your non-ethnic night. As for the others, I've only been to Erbaluce and Scampo, and can't say I'd recommend either. For Italian, I'd go with Mamma Maria or Prezza, or, for more casual, Coppa.