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Jul 12, 2012 07:03 AM

Clementes in Sheepshead Bay

Ate lunch there yesterday. Lovely to sit out but the food is less than mediocre with prices that match any upper end restaurant. Won't be back.

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  1. Did you have the steamed blue crabs? We've been wanting to go there for some crabs.

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    1. re: Motosport

      I must admit the crabs did look like the thing to have. But everything else was sooooo mediocre. The french fries were frozen and greasy, the lobster in the lobster shrimp taco was rubbery and I suspect this side of too old to eat. Not a good place. Very picturesque but seriously seriously overpriced. You get better fare in a good greek diner at a fraction of the price.

      1. re: Oliviaoil

        For a good lobster roll we go to Jordan's which is about 100 yards away. I think Clemente's is known for their crabs. Gotta get there before the season ends.

          1. re: Oliviaoil

            Ages ago. I don't get to Sheepshead bay much.

            1. re: Oliviaoil

              Posters on Chowhound have also condemned Randazzo's.

            2. re: Motosport

              Anyone shopped at Jordan's retail store? How's their stuff?

              1. re: squid kun

                I haven't bought from Jordan's in decades, since I lived in Brooklyn. I was never thrilled with their lobsters. Tasted like they had lived far too long in the tank. You'll get far better lobsters from a good Asian market.

                1. re: EricMM

                  Thanks, Eric. Passed through the store recently late in the day, when there wasn't much stock left. Guess Ave. U's the way to go next time I'm shopping for seafood around there.

                  1. re: EricMM

                    Don't be fooled by the location near the fishing boats. A few years back I went to Jordan's and bought four lobsters, which were kind of moving. Got home and they were dead dead dead. Given their price, I would have thrown them in the pot if there'd been even a twitch. I almost gave them mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I swore never to go back and have kept my promise, which isn't hard since Fairway is even closer and lobsters are plentiful these days in your neighborhood fish store.

              2. re: Oliviaoil

                Clemente's is a crab house. Why would you order anything else?

                For lobster in that area you should go to Jordan's. But it's a place for steamed whole lobsters. I wouldn't order a taco there either.