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Jul 12, 2012 06:57 AM

WD-50: Walk-in, backup

I'd like to try walkin at WD-50 tomorrow night, a Friday.
If I am there waiting by 5:45p, what do people think are the chances of eating at the bar - and what time would you suggest arriving? Do you think weekend nights are more difficult? And what about the very positive Sietsema review in the Voice this week? It certainly reminded me of the restaurant? Thoughts on whether availability will be less?

And if WD-50 isnt possible, any recommendations on chowish restaurants in that block or so of Clinton that are good on walkins?

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  1. We ate at the bar in May... Got there around 7:30 p.m. on a Friday, weren't seated until 10 p.m. (and actually ended up seated at a table). This was pre-menu change as well, so I'd say you should expect a similar way time no matter what time you arrive (if you get seated at all).

    1. Arriving at 5:45 I can't imagine there'd be a long wait. By 7:30 you'd be into the swell of the rush, as loratliff experienced, but that early - I doubt you'd have any trouble.

      (Also, FWIW, the review was by Tejal Rao, not Sietsema...)

      There are no other restaurants on that level on that block of Clinton. Or really, to be honest, on the Lower East Side - Falai was the only other one, and they sadly closed up shop. There are some good neighborhood joints (Alias, Schiller's) and some "clubbier" places that also serve decent food (Stanton Social, Beauty & Essex) but nothing quite like Wylie.

      Were you planning on doing a tasting menu or just ordering selections at the bar? If we've an idea of how much you planned to spend, it'd be easier to make other recommendations. Also, are you solo, or dining with someone? Often there'll be an odd-man-out seat at the bar, so if you're solo it could be much easier, obviously.

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        Thanks. I stand corrected re: reviewer.
        As I understand it, there are now only two fixed menus: a 5-course greatest hit, maybe 75, and a 12-course tasting, 175. My plan is the $175, since I've never been and may never again.
        I walked by this morning and a worker told me to go in and check re: walkins. Very nicely was told I could reserve at the bar, since it was the day of... 6pm it is. You have to leave your credit card number, to me understandably.
        So - soon!

        1. re: yebo

          At the bar, you can order a la carte from the two fixed menus.