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Jun 9, 2004 05:42 PM

BBQ in San Diego

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Why isn't there more BBQ places in San Diego? I know it's not the SOUTH, it's California. But I was raised in Virginia and I really miss the convienence of pulled pork bbq sandwich or ribs. I've been to Phil's BBQ and it's good and I've heard of Big Jim's in Encinitas, but that's too far to go. Am I missing some place? Living in Poway, I'd sure think there would be good BBQ in horse town, but there's not! Maybe I should open a restaurant. Ha ha ha. Any thoughts?

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  1. Phils BBQ in Misssion Hills/Hillcrest is the best I've had. Just went to Big Jim's last week and was not impressed at all. Phil's is fantastic.

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      Brian Saunders

      Many people think that San Diego is a BBQ wasteland, which is one reason why Buddha has these well-received BBQ bashes (search this board for the name "Buddha" and you'll see a whole bunch).

      I am not sure why Big Jim's in Encinitas is too far, while Phil's is not. They essentially are the same distance from Poway. I do agree with Bob's opinion, though. I liked the place when it first opened, but was less impressed when I visited it a year later.

      I'd hate to say it, but you are out of luck for finding tradional southeastern BBQ, especially if you want to stay near Poway.

      1. Two more for you to try:

        Blues City BBQ in San Marcos has tasty Memphis-style BBQ.

        Real Texas BBQ in Mira Mesa is decent as well.

        Phil's is my favorite, but followed closely by Blues City.


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          Hi Chuck,
          Could you kindly provide the address or phone # for Phils BBQ and Blue city BBQ.


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            Phil's is located at 4030 Goldfinch, in the Mission Hills section of San Diego. It's about a block north of W. Washington.

        2. Kill Devils has pulled pork sandwiches.. here's the link http://www.digitalcity.com/sandiego/d...

          1. Abbey's BBQ located in the Carl's Jr stripmall at the corner of Ruffin Rd and Clairemont Mesa Blvd in Kearny Mesa.