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Jul 12, 2012 06:36 AM

Waterbury - Ami's Bagels and... anything else?

Is anyone familiar with Waterbury?

Ami's Hot Bagels - is it a bakery or does it have tables and a menu?

Are Ami's bagels worth going for, or should I just bring food from home?

Are there other eateries in Waterbury?

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  1. There is a kosher chinese stand in a Shoprite in Waterbury (943 Wolcott Street). The food is plentiful and cheap. It is run by the owners of Eden Wok, and the food is reminiscent of Eden Wok. There is space in the market to eat. The supermarket also has a large selection of standard kosher food, including raw meat (Meal Mart, iirc).

    I think there's also a pizza place.

    And, the bagels in Shoprite are also kosher. And from what I heard from a local family when I was there, they are better than Ami's.

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      There is a pizza place, or at least there was one a year ago, when we were passing through there. The pizza was yummy. Their website does not seem to be working, but it's Waterbury Pizza House, 701 Cooke St.

      1. re: emacat

        Pizza Place and Deli are gone................

        1. re: bagelman01

          Pizza place has reopened as a kosher grocery/pizzeria. The kosher chinese at Shoprite has closed

          1. re: berel

            When did that happen? I was there last month and looking forward to my next trip.

            1. re: craigcep

              a couple of weeks ago. Food was awful

      2. re: craigcep

        No more kosher chinese at shoprite

      3. Bagels at Ami's are good, there's a couple of tables

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          Going with the family to the Coco Key Waterpark in Waterbury next week. Any updates to the thread above regarding kosher food in/around Waterbury, CT?

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            Be careful, if you go to Ami's that you go to the Thomaston Ave Location. The East Main St location (closer to Coco Key) is treif, featuring Boar's Head meats.
            The pizza place was not very good when I tried it last summer and has inconsistent hours. There is not much in Waterbury.
            The Coco Key is in a very run down Motor Inn and attracts a low level element. Prices for snacks or drinks inside the resort are outrageous and they check everything coming in to make sure you are not even bringing in a water bottle. The reason that I only eat kosher will not let you bring any food in.
            The Coco Key is located in front of a Costco, but that Costco's bakery is not kosher, but carries some kosher baked goods from NY. No kosher meats, etc as in NY.

            I'm familiar with the 'resort' as I teach a seminar there once a month. I made the mistake of allowing my teenage girls to go to CocoKey one evening last winter, they couldn't wait to get away from the element there.

            BTW--our family was in business in Waterbury from 1958 on, and I still have family and ties there. BUT, Waterbury is known for 'Hills, mills and dirty necks'. If you are bringing the kids, check out the Timex Museum (not just timepieces) adjacent to the Brass City Mall at exit 23 of I-84.

            1. re: LA Hungry

              The pizza store has reopened as pizza store/grocery

              1. re: berel

                Stopped by there a few weeks ago while passing through the area. Pizza and fries were very, very mediocre and the place was filthy.