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Jul 12, 2012 05:55 AM

U-pick & markets around South Haven/Saugatuck/Douglas

I'm going to be vacationing in South Haven next week, with likely day trip(s) up to Saugatuck. I'm familiar with the South Haven farmers' market, but figured I'd throw a line out for recommendations of any other farmers' markets as well as u-pick operations in the area. It'd be nice to get some farm-fresh veggies for meals during the week, and I'm excited to get a mess o' Michigan blueberries to take back home for freezing.

Willing to drive inland a bit, but would love to stay in the 30-minute-drive range. After all, it's vacation. :)

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  1. There's Summertime Market on Blue Star highway at the bridge between Saugatuck and Douglas. (very small) There's also a stand at the corner of hwy.89 and Blue Star west of Fennville . While you're in the area, be sure to pick up a couple of loaves of seedy salt bread made in Fennville. There's also a farmer's market that's sometimes running in Saugatuck. It's just as you're coming into town but I'm not sure of the hours. I think it's Saturday only.

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      Thanks Bob! Summertime Market looks super cute, and will definitely be a stop en route to Saugatuck. We're in town Sat-Sat so probably won't make it to the Saugatuck farmers' market, but farm stands will be fine.

    2. Saugatuck's market day is Friday.

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        Oh... and also Monday, which I didn't realize.

      2. Finding Blueberries Farms in the South Haven Area should be easy, as the Area from South Haven to Ludington is the major blueberry growing area of Michigan. Here's a list of Farm Markets, I found. Also you could ask at the Blueberry Store in Downtown South Haven or the South Haven Visitor's Center. I hope this helps!

        1. Last time we were in South Haven we went to this place for u-pick, just a few miles south of town.

          1. Reporting back!

            We ended up at DeGrandchamps for u-pick blueberries. Had a great time-- it was a well-organized operation and the berries were delicious. Our group of 6 adults picked 24 pounds in about an hour barely breaking a sweat. :) (Although I do recommend going in the morning, as it was getting hot towards noon.) Other family members went with kids on a different day, and they had fun as well.

            We didn't make it to the Saugatuck farmer's market, but enjoyed the South Haven market on Wednesday. It is a nice-sized market for being in a small town, with a great selection of veggies and baked goods, coffee, etc. at reasonable prices.

            Summertime Market outside of Saugatuck was indeed small, but well worth the visit. They carry some meat (frozen) and cheese products in addition to bread, veggies, etc. We didn't need to do much shopping at the time of our visit, but did get some fun sodas and sorbetto. It's a neat little place-- thanks again SonyBob for the rec!