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Jul 12, 2012 05:11 AM

Korean Restaurant

Hey guys I need some help finding korean food in the Boston area. Preferably in Cambridge but honestly anything in the Boston Area would be great. Also, a restaurant that won't burn a hole in my wallet. Thanks!!

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  1. Koreana is on the corner of Prospect and Broadway between Central and Inman. I know it's always pretty busy, but I've never been (it's on the list, just haven't had a chance yet)

    1. Koreanna is an all-around great restaurant, but it's hard to spend less than $30 per-person (appetizer, main course, no alcohol). Cho-cho's in Porter Square is a solid cheap-eats place.

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        Disagree regarding Koreana, passable, but not great Korean. There is really NO Korean in Boston that I have found really excellent.

        1. re: StriperGuy

          striper, have you tried the soodobu place on harvard ave or the place on rte 9 in westborough?

          1. re: gourmaniac

            I like the Soodobu place on Harvard, but it is more homey and good then all around excellent. I also like Myun Dong 1st Ave but it too is pretty limitted. I just don't feel ANY Korean place in Boston is really solid across the board, and none have really top notch or interesting Panchan.

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            Agree about Koreana, but best I know of in Cambridge.

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              I've complained about this for years but recently have thought to myself that in Korea, there are no restaurants that do everything that a Korean restaurant in the US is supposed to do... No one in Korea would expect a place like this. So I'm happy about places like Kaju that do a specialty dish well even if they don't have "general excellence."

              Meanwhile, I usually find Korean Garden in Allston pretty good, a noticeable step up from Koreana in Cambridge.

          3. Manna House in Arlington. Never that busy, great korean home cooking, family owned and operated. You can get out for 15$ p/p. They don't have korean BBQ tables like Koreana but they have great korean food. Highly recommend kimchi pancake and unagi okdol (eel stone pot). We recently had a friend go to Koreana for lunch and she said it was not as good as Manna House. We take all of our out of town guests here for Korean food. They always love it.

            1. Best Korean i have had in MA is not in the boston area but in Ayer MA at Woo Jung.. Very limited menu but excellent and affordable. Small hole in the wall family owned.. People drive from all around to go there.

              Another worth checking out is Westborough Korean Restaurant.. I think that is the actual name...

              And for a quick fix without going too far west.. The food court in Hmart Burlington.. The very last stall furthest from the door, dunno the name..

              1. There's Chung Ki Wa in Medford Square. I'm not a Korean food expert, but I think it's pretty good and I always see at least a few Koreans in there.

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                  Again, decent, but nothing spectacular... Will have to check out the Hmart food court place or the one in Ayers if I am out that way.