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Jul 12, 2012 03:31 AM

Is Brotherhood winery worth stopping? Any Farmer's markets or farm stands too?

We will be doing some Hudson River towns saturday and was wondering if Brotherhood winery was worth a stop? I barely remeber going with my parents back in the 70's. What about some farm stands or markets or any other wineries in the area? I just realized it's too far from Kykuit so would there be anything else around the Kykuit area?Thanks!

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  1. Brotherhood is known for their sacramental wines. If you are into sacramental wines, it is worth stopping.

    Closer to the Hudson river are a few vineyards. One is called Adair, another is Robibero (both in New Paltz) and there are a few others right near therm. These have wine more for drinking with meals and recreational sipping.

    The Shawangunk Wine Trail is home to 11 wineries nestled between the famous Shawangunk Mountains and the majestic Hudson River. The Trail is just 60 miles north of New York City. The Trail is composed of ten family owned wineries from New Paltz in Ulster County to Warwick, in Orange County.


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      Try the Prospero Winery in Thornewood,NewYork.
      Their red table wine is one of the best we've ever had.
      They will give you a a tasting in their tasting room.

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        Visited Brotherhood last Saturday on the way back home to Detroit. They close promptly at 6:00. $5 per head for wine tasting. Pretty good wines - mostly sweet. Reasonable pricing. They have a number of buildings - one for banquests, one for tasting, gift shop. Got a good impression of the wine industry from the visit. Worth a look see!

      2. Stop by Blooming Hill Farm - we LOVE it there!

          1. I'm not sure when the last time Fred was at Brotherhood (America's Oldest) Winery, they were popular for sacramental wines during Prohibition. Now they are one of the largest wine producers in the Hudson Valley and have a beautiful facility. You can take a tour of their underground cellars and they have over 20 wines to choose from, some of which were recently served in the White House. There is a cafe there as well, so you can spend the day there. Blooming Hill Farm is close by and is an EXCELLENT organic farm stand.

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              Thanks, that might be on our next trip when we get on the other side of the Hudson!

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                Agreed. They have a number of nice varietals.

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                  Thanks, what else is on that side of the Hudson worth doing?

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                    Since this is a food oriented website, I won't go on and on about just walking around a beautiful little lake at Bear Mountain. Foodwise, my wife and I used to make a special point to make reservations for lunch at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, then hike around their trails, work off our dinner, and make it back down to their lodge for afternoon tea. "Afternoon Tea" sounds really snobby, but after walking the beautiful trails, it just brings the afternoon to a relaxing close, sitting in a rocking chair on the porch and savoring a few more minutes of the incredible scenery around the Mountain House. You have to make reservations and "day guest" arrangements in advance.

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                      Thanks, we may just try that since it's like 700 to stay there!

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                        If you go to Mohonk Mountain House, save it for the fall. When the leaves are at their peak the views, and the walks around the lake are amazing. Several years ago I was there for work, and was totally blown away by the scenery. I took some of the best fall photos in my life.

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                          Warwick Valley Winery is a much better choice. Beautiful grounds music and very good food.
                          114 Little York Road, Warwick, New York 10990
                          (845) 258-4858.

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                            It was several years ago we just played tourist around Warwick, NY, although we did not do the winery. The little town of Warwick is picturesque and very inviting to stroll around. When someone asked where we were from, we thought they might be at least a little impressed we had traveled all the way from Florida to take in their area. Nope. We found out later there is a "Florida, NY," only a couple of miles down the road from Warwick. Hope all the little shops have survived the economic downturn in the last couple of years. There was a beautiful old church that we were able to get into and enjoy its history and spiritual blessings. And be it Warwick or Mohonk or Brotherhood, Fall is coming to my old stomping grounds of the Hudson Valley. Y'all enjoy. Our life in Florida won't let us take a break to get back "home" this year. (I think I had my first taste of wine in my life, as a teenager, at Brotherhood Winery. I think it was "Rosario." )

              2. Not sure if they still make their Holiday wine, but IMHO it was pretty bad. Can't speak for the other Brotherhood wines, I haven't had them in a long time. Just recently we went up to Baldwin Winery in Pine Bush, NY and they had some pretty good white wines (I didn't care for their reds). After we had a really nice dinner at Ward's Bridge Inn in Montgomery.