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Jul 12, 2012 03:18 AM

Min Ghung Asian Bistro, Glastonbury

I had a LivingSocial coupon set to expire so we dined at Min Ghung Asian Bistro yesterday (Wednesday). It is located on the first floor of the Glen Lochen Marketplace. The wood and glass building was constructed back in the 70's (I am guessing) and wouldn't you know the restaurant is located adjacent to an Arthur Murray Dance Studio - how retro can you get?

We were the first diners seated this evening though there apparently was a party out on the patio. 4-5 other parties were seated after us with most ordering sushi. Our waitress appeared to be fairly inexperienced but she managed to get the job done and was pleasant.

We took a pass on drinks, requesting water with lemon, and appetizers. We got the water but no lemon. We told her we would be sharing orders of Asian vegetables stir-fry with chicken and spicy pork. Our entrees included a very small salad that was primarily iceberg lettuce, cold and overdressed with a ginger dressing - not a good start.

Even though we told her we would be sharing entrees, we had to request additional plates. The Asian stir-fry was served over rice which was odd and the sauce was totally blah. The small amount of chicken dish had obviously been precooked as it was overdone and not at the same temperature as the vegetables.

Conversely, the spicy pork was bountiful with a delicious coating, versus a sauce, that was of the right spice level to enhance, without overwhelming, the flavor.

Since the non sushi portion of the menu is heavily weighted to Korean, I was surprised that the only banchan served with our meal was a very small cup of kimichi.

Overall, we thought the restaurant was below average and there is no reason for us to return.

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  1. Hey there--I, too, have a coupon to use in the near future. I haven't been to Min Ghung in a few years, but did enjoy sushi there in the past. I was a big fan of their avocado eggrolls, unique and delicious. I do look forward to having them again soon:

    "Chunks of fresh avocado, sun-dried tomato, red onion & cilantro, deep fried in a crisp Thai rice paper. Served w/ a tamarind-cashew dipping sauce."

    I don't recall having anything cooked there other than these eggrolls. Maybe it's a better spot for sushi?

    1. we were there a couple of weeks ago. I ordered the Bul go gi bento box. it was obviously microwaved. Some parts hot and others ice cold. Also, 3 groups of patrons were there to use there groupon/ living social and were dissappointed to learn that the establishment would not honor the deal b/c lunch specials were not included ( it was a coupon specifically for lunch). I ordered a non lunch special and still they would not honor it ( stating that while it was not listed under lunch specials it still is a special). The poor waitress has been having to deal with irate customers for a couple of weeks now. In fact, while there I witnessed a family leaving after having just been seated because they were so dissatisfied with the coupon policy ( which while for lunch excludes everything making it virtually impossible to use your coupon). After talking with other patrons, staff etc, it seems as if there are many dissatified customers. This is a shame b/c I used to love this place and always gave it positive reviews. Lets face it, it is not in the best location and I need to go out of my way to dine here. This would be fine if I were recieving the quality and service reminiscent of their past. There are far more easier and better lunch options in town so farewell Ming ghung!

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        Oh, that truly sucks to hear! My coupon is through and I WOULD SWEAR when I bought it, it was presented as a "for lunch" option, but I'm looking at "The Fine Print" column and, YUP, "not valid for use toward lunch specials." WTH? I guess I'll be going for dinner, then. GEEZ. Was yours a Groupon, or same as mine? I have not had an issue with either Groupon or thus far. This is really disappointing to hear.

        ETA: I just spoke with a very friendly rep from I shared your story above and she will be following up with the restaurant when they open today. THANKS for letting us know--your story may have helped current coupon holders!

        1. re: kattyeyes

          This restaurant changed hands several years ago, from very capable hands to so-so. Don't go expecting the exceptional service and food of that earlier time.

          1. re: coldduck

            Oh, man, whattabummer. Appreciate the fair warning.

            1. re: coldduck

              I agree. It used to be awesome but now I avoid it. The last time I was there what should have been a quick sushi lunch for 4 took almost 2 hours with botched orders and so-so food.