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Jul 11, 2012 09:50 PM

Salted Cod and Molecular cooking


I'll be coming home from holiday from Paris next month and was hoping to purchase (dried) Salted Cod to bring back with me. It's something you can't buy where I live. I was hoping someone could tell me a good place to purchase in Paris, or is it something I should buy while I'm down south (most of my holiday will be from Sevilla (Spain) to Nice.

Also, I would very much like to purchase some items for molecular cooking, especially Isomalt. If anyone knows of a shop in Paris. m(_ _)m


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  1. Best place to find dried salted cod is Portuguese market stalls at the street markets or covered markets, particularly in the suburbs (Saint-Denis, Vincennes, Champigny, etc.)
    Good fish markets will have it, but it will be more expensive.

    Best place to find the Isomalt, Sucro, and other Texturas items would be specialist stores like La Bovida, Mora, etc., all in the lower part of rue Montmartre.

    All of these will be easier to find in Spain (Texturas is a Spanish brand).

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    1. re: Ptipois

      Would G. Detou have any of these?

      1. re: Scott O

        Not sure. Better try the larger specialist shops like Mora.

    2. Barcelona is a great location for salt cod, with a couple shops just off the Ramblas that sell nothing but. It's sold having been pre-soaked to various degrees. If you want to bring it home, I'd go for the driest available, but the thought of the "parfum" in your luggage . . . !

      There are good mail order sources for salt cod and even stockfish on the Internet

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        Thank you both!

        I've looked in to importing both Isomalt and the cod, but I live in Japan and it's (long whistle through the teeth). I cross checked my shopping list with prices online and these two items (along with certain beans) are cheaper to buy and bring back directly.

      2. Saw veyr nice-looking salted cod at the Portuguese stand in Marché St Quentin. The stand also has a lunch counter.

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          Do you know what time these marche's open? I'm an early riser and would love to start my day roaming through the markets.

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            Regular Paris market time.
            Closed between 1pm and 4pm, and at 8pm
            Also closed Sunday afternoon and Monday.

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              True for covered markets like St Quentin, but open air ones open earlier and tend to close at lunch time.

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                Sorriest, how could I have made such a gross mistake. what was i thinking.