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Lamb/Mutton/Goat Plates

I love these meats, here are some of my favorite places to get it

Nkechi - An African (Nigerian) restaurant in Inglewood. The goat and jollof rice plate is delicious here. The goat is well seasoned and topped with tomato paste, and the jollof rice is really tomatoey. The plate is large and filling. It comes with delicious plantains, sauteed the typical way but well caramelized. The only knock I have is that the jollof doesn't have that burt, cigarettey taste that Veronica's has that I like, but for some people this might be a good thing. I like the burnt flavor personally but Veronica's has always been out of goat when I call. I need to figure that out.

Banadir - Somalian place in Inglewood. Another great goat plate, this one served with rice cooked with cardamom and clove. The spice-infused rice plus the goat which is marinaded in what tastes like soy sauce, sugar and dark spices makes a great combo, reminiscent of a kind of African biryani. They make an awesome green chili sauce (make sure they include it). When this plate is good, they give you goat + rice with frozen vegetables seemingly thrown in for color and a totally forgettable side salad. When it's great, the lamb is mixed with caramelized onions, zucchini, and jalapenos and these is a generous dollop of that chili sauce on the side. Even when it's just good it's still worthwhile if you're in the area, when it's great it's GREAT. 10 bucks, includes a banana and a bottle of water (weird)

Zam Zam - Mutton biryani is my favorite, followed by lamb pulao. I'm not going to divulge the ins and outs of this place, and not because I want to keep it secret but because I genuinely don't think this place wants more business outside the muslim community associated with the nearby mosque. Call and they'll give you all the info you need to know.

TiGeorges' - Their goat plate is delicious, but a bit expensive at 17 dollars and a bit outside my jurisdiction location-wise. Their garlic habanero sauce/oil is delicious though. I like their fried, squished plantain patties but they have to be eaten hot, they go downhill quick like french fries.

Will's Jamaican - the best Jamaican in Inglewood IMO. By a greater margin than I expected. Great jerk chicken and of course, I get the curry goat. They include coleslaw salad, festival and plantains.

Tacomiendo - Birria plate. I get all rice no beans, all rice because the rice helps soak up that birria broth. Not the best birria, not a destination worthy goat plate I just get it because it's really close (like, really close)

I've also had some good birrias, barbacoas lamb/goat/mutton curries and the like around town.

Anyone got any recs for similar types of plates (ie lamb/mutton/goat with rice or similar)? I'll be relocating to Irvine soon so recs for similar plates of food around there are welcome too,

Thanks CH

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  1. I like the gormeh sabzi with lamb neck at Shamshiri Grill. Lamb neck is available on Mondays and Fridays only.

    In the OC, I like Trejo's Mexican food for barbacoa (weekends only). Go around noon for the best looking bits. I also see a lot of families get goat consommé on the weekends. Not goat but I really recommend the pork rib stew in a red chile sauce with nopales at Trejo's.

    Royal Khyber has a pretty good lamb biryani.

    If you cook, you can order bone in or boneless lamb leg from Meat House. Sprouts has lamb necks which I rub with garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper, olive oil and roast slow.

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        Thanks, I'll check it out. That bo luc lac looks really good too, do they make something like that with goat or lamb instead of beef?

      2. Goat Paya Goat hoof with spicy sauce.
        Mutton Qorma Cubed pieces of Mutton mildly spiced then prepared in onion sauce.
        Both at Al Noor in Lawndale.

        Goat Korma
        Goat Meat (Bone in) Spiced Mildly Cooked with Onions, Yogurt Cream, Nuts and Raisins
        at India’s Tandoori in Hawthorne.

        1. Lamb skewers at Sweethome Grill in San Gabriel.

          Lamb soup or fried lamb w/ knife cut noodles, and lamb skewers at JTYH in Rosemead. The spicy lamb riblets are good but short on meat. Kinda feels primeval gnawing on the bones for what little meat is there, but if you like cumin and chiles, it's great.

          The rack of lamb at Second City Bistro in El Segundo. They usually have a rotating daily special on the type of seasoning for the rack, so calling ahead to see what's being offered obviously helps.

          The Ab-goosht at Attari in Westwood. Rich, complex and so satisfying. Only available on Fridays.

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            "Fried with Meat" at Beijing Restaurant in San Gabriel. Plain, simple, pure meat. No sauce or extra seasoning.

            Lamb burger at Shaanxi Gourmet in Rosemead.

            Omars in Alhambra. Skewers, lamb pie. For all things lamb, JTYH, Shaanxi and Omars are hard to beat.

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              The lamb pies at Beijing Pie House are better than those at Omar's IMO. But neither are all that great.

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                As soon as I posted, Beijing Pie House crossed my mind. ipse, are you talking about the large, flat pie at Omar's?

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                      Yes, even though I mentioned it, it's worth trying...but not really a "destination item". I do like their skewers and the lamb over the "big noodle".

            2. The lamb dishes at Mas' Islamic in Anaheim are outstanding and pair well with their excellent sesame green onion bread.

                1. Goat is served quite frequently at Salt's Cure.

                  1. obligatory feng mao mutton kebabs

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                      The curry goat at Sattdown Jamaican Grill in North Hollywood is excellent. (My problem is that the jerk chicken is the best I've ever had, so I'm always torn on what to get.)

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                        +1 for the Feng Mao Mutton Kebabs.

                      2. Curry Coat at People's Choice.

                        Lamb Belly at Tar & Roses

                        Birria de borrego tacos from "that family" (with the matriarch) on Pinata Row / La Central. Birria de chivos from the other family (with the patriarch). Absolutely no rice, no beans. Cheap, dirt cheap.

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                        1. GRILLED LAMB’S TONGUE SALAD sorrel, pickled strawberries, anise yogurt and
                          BBQ MOROCCAN LAMB BELLY harissa caramelized onions, orange curd, japanese eggplant
                          at MB Post. Two wonderful dishes.

                          1. Aladin Sweets & Market located in the Little Bangladesh area of greater Wilshire Center (139 S Vermont Ave., 90004) has mutton kababs, curry and stew prepared in a karahi. I think it's something of specialty of the house, but my wife isn't a fan of lamb or mutton, so I've never been able to go that direction. Everything that we have ordered has been very good, with the exception of the beef kabab which we found a bit dry.

                            1. I've always thought that about Zam Zam -- go away infidel!! but its amazing

                              lamb barbocoa at my taco on york is amazing
                              lamb with cumin at chung king wonderful

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                                I personally never got that vibe from the family. The guys sitting at the tables give a little bit of the stink eye though. They're sort of a rogues' gallery.

                                I personally didn't find Chung King's lamb great. Only had it once so it may have been an off day.

                              2. gish bac has both lamb and goat barbacoa on weekends.
                                it is really good.

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                                  Had the goat about a month back. It was good.

                                  Anyone got any recs for dishes more in the same vein as those described in the OP? Like goat/lamb/mutton with some kind of specialty rice?

                                2. I haven't been recently but I've enjoyed the Seco de Chivo at El Caserio (on Silverlake near the 101) in the past. It's goat braised in beer with tomatoes, peppers, and herbs served with rice and potatoes.

                                  1. Lamb belly skewers at Spice Table.

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                                      second these. they're great.

                                      i also like the roasted lamb neck at the gorbals.

                                      the birria at el parian is also very good.

                                    2. There is Kenya Cafe and Cuisine on La Palma in Anaheim. I don't see it on their on-line menu, but I have had goat there and I thought it was offered a couple of different ways. There are a couple of Ethiopian/Eritrian places nearby as well, but I don't know if they have goat on the menu.

                                      1. I'm surprised you guys missed this one. The Best Birria in LA (some say) near Mariachi Corner in East LA. Serious goat goat goat. Very little English here but you will be fine.

                                        Birrieria Jalisco
                                        1845 East 1st Street
                                        Los Angeles, CA 90033‎
                                        (323) 262-4552

                                        There are other branches but this is the only one I have tried.