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Jul 11, 2012 07:06 PM

Food tour of Rittenhouse Square

My husband are taking the day off on Friday to enjoy some rare alone time as grown ups (difficult when you have a toddler!) and decided to do a pub crawl through Rittenhouse Square, but with food. We rarely getti the city anymore and there are so many places we want to try. We thought we would just get a glass of wine and a small bite at four or five places through the afternoon and do some shopping and people watching. Any suggestions for some great spots to try. We figured we would park near Rittenhouse and then just go places in walking distance. Thanks!

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  1. You could pick up a few different cheeses or delicacies at DiBruno Bros and eat them either in the upstairs cafe or outside. Also Tria I believe has a good cheese plate if you wanted a different scene.

    The outdoor seating at Parc could be nice depending upon the weather.

    I myself particularly enjoy having a drink at The Continental and in the lounge at the Dandelion. These may not be the best option for foods though.

    Hope this helps!

    1. I would definitely include Tria and Dandelion. The appetizers are the best thing at Dandelion anyway. Have a Pimms Cup, the beet dish, and whatever else appeals at Dandelion. Then move over to Tria for some wine and cheese. You could get Shake Shack for dessert, or there's a new bakery/cafe that recently opened near there (can't recall the name right now). Then do some shopping at DiBruno's to take home.

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        +1 on the beets. Different and good. Also, If you split the Lamb Sheppard's Pie, it would be a good size for your trip and is pretty good, though not a must.

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          I like the beets at Dandelion but found them to be bigger and better at Parc. If you go to Tria make sure to get the truffled egg toast.

          I think the bakery Hungry is referring to is La Petite Dauphine at 2029 Walnut.

          Although it's a few blocks away from Rittenhouse, Zavino on 13th and Sansom has really good small plates and Capogiro and Duross and Langel's across the street.

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            Yes, that's the pace. They do serve food too. I walked by and thought it looked cute, though I haven't tried it yet.

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              Their macarons looked really good on the website. I wonder if they are better than Miel's (which have not been so hot lately)...

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                Sugar Philly Truck has excellent macarons.

      2. might be a good stop.

        1. Take the train! very easy from Ambler/Ft. Wash, and there are tons of places between Suburban Station & RS.

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            i was thinking train too...
            tria's a good suggestion.
            if you want to sample and graze, you could probably sit at the bar at tinto and just order one or two dishes, since it is tapas.

          2. FWIW, there's a parking lot off 20th Street at Lombard that's just south of Rittenhouse Square that I like/use it a lot. Probably a bit cheaper than parking right ON the Square, and from there you can stroll up and easily check out a lot of place.

            Stop in DiBruno Bros definitely - perhaps as a last stop as you can sample some delicious cheese and take some home afterwards without worrying about it melting in the car? :)

            A cool small taste of gelato at Capogiro would be excellent...and I may be alone in being a big fan, but El Rey is kind of fun to stop in for a drink and a small bite - and they've got the Frozen Pineapple Margarita back for the summer which is one of my favorite drinks in the city. SO GOOD. I would just have one of those for dessert, honestly...

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              I don't mind paying for parking.
              I just mind not drinking. ;-)