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Jul 11, 2012 05:32 PM

A question or two or three or four about dining at Providence, Los Angeles

Question 1. I am going to be eating at Providence in a few weeks and I have read several boards/blogs that discuss a "mega" tasting which is beyond the usual chef's tasting, one of which included a few truffle dishes. Are there secret "mega" tastings that you have to ask for?

Question 2. After reviewing the chefs menu that evening, am I able to add additional courses? For example, if the santa barbara prawns are not on it, may I request that they be added?

Question 3. Is there a certain dish that should not be missed?

Question 4. Has anyone ever eaten at the chef's table with just two people in tow?

Any additional information that can be shared is much appreciated!

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  1. Q1: you can certainly call ahead, request an extended menu and specify your per person budget

    Q2: yes. Indeed, I would recommend adding the spot prawn dish to whatever menu you select