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Jul 11, 2012 04:22 PM

Any suggestions for places to eat and things to do in the Outer Banks NC

I am headed down to the Outer Banks for the week with family (7 adults, 1 child). I have been checking out posts on here for the Outer Banks and the last posts were dated 2007, as I started to google some of the places they are now out of business. Any help would be great all advice is trusted at CHOW.


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  1. Where in the Outer Banks are you staying? Also, check the Southeast board.

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    1. Welcome to Chowhound. As PhillyRay suggested, you should post back with specifics of where you're going...the OBX is over 100 miles long! Also, be aware that this board is only for finding food...any other discussions are forbidden.

      I'm not sure why your search only pulled up old posts, there are a fair number of recent ones. Search on the "Southeast" Board. For example:

        1. When we are in Frisco we always go the The Orange Blossom Cafe for breakfast, very good pastries, coffee, bacon egg and cheese bagels, etc.