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Jul 11, 2012 03:52 PM

Lacquer or wax from wok ingested!!!! PLEASE HELP

I bought a wok today and used it for the first time, I washed it before using it and it kept its beautiful grey/waxy sheen inside and out. I made fried rice using a metal wok spoon and then ate, after washing the wok I noticed the grey sheen is gone wherever I used the spoon and all I see is metal on the whole bottom half of the wok. It does flake off pretty easy with my finger, I think the wok is made from carbon steel and I bought it from this chinese restaurant supply store. I'm really worried, I hope it doesnt participate in me getting stomach cancer. Please help!!!!

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  1. I doubt it will give you cancer, or even make you sick. Just clean the wok down to the bare metal and season it from scratch - it's usually best to do this with a new wok anyway, even one that is allegedly "pre-seasoned".

    I'll let people who have had success seasoning woks give you particulars. I've never had any luck trying to season new cast iron, it's held me back from trying a carbon steel wok thus far.

    1. I also doubt you will get stomach cancer because of this. You will need to take the wok to bare metal and season it from that.

      1. Although not a very attractive thought, I believe the "lacquer" coating on carbon woks is generally considered safe to ingest. Not that you'd want to on a regular basis...

        I wouldn't obsess too much over it, but if you're really worried you might ask your family physician.