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Jul 11, 2012 03:44 PM

Suggestions for Sunday evening aperitivo

I've been doing extensive research for our upcoming Italy visit this September, which will include 4 nights in Rome. I have numerous wine bars on my list, but I'm struggling to find somewhere open Sunday. My first choice was Cul de Sac, but it's not open Sunday.

We are meeting friends in Campo de'Fiori where we will be having dinner (Magnolia - their choice) and I was hoping to find somewhere within walking distance for a pre-dinner aperitivo.

Looking for suggestions for a wine bar, roof top bar, hotel bar, etc. that has a nice ambiance.

Thank you in advance for suggestions.

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  1. Hotel Forty-Seven, on via Petroselli, has a beautiful view from its bar-restaurant roof. I believe Hotel Rafael too has a roof bar. Other than hotels, Sunday is tough, but somewhere around Piazza delle Coppelle there must be someplace.

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      Thanks mbfant. I had read of those 2 hotel bars and will look further into both. Might be an ideal spot for a Sunday evening aperitivo.

      I will also review my notes for spots around Piazza delle Coppelle and research if they are open Sunday.

    2. Wondering if anyone can assist? I'm finding conflicting hours information regarding L'Angolo Divino. Some sites say closed Monday dinner, another says closed Sunday.

      Thanks in advance.

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        Um seeing info several sources that indicate it would be open and that they have their closing Monday. ex
        there are lots of bars around the campo - that neighborhood like the rest of the centro is quieter on Sunday because it is a business district and a lot of the normal patrons are away - but you should surely be able to find a bar/cafe in the area for an apertivo.

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          Angolo Divino is deftinitely closed on Sundays.

          One option is to go all out, and head to the Minerva. They have a fabulous rooftop bar. Pricey, but you're paying for the view. Here's 2 photos I took last week.

          Right in Campo I like Obika. I usually order a Negroni, which they make very well. And their nibbles are definitely the best.

          1. re: minchilli

            Thank you Elizabeth. Very much enjoy your newsletters that I receive via email.

            The Roof Garden Bar at Grand Hotel de la Minerva looks spectacular! Definitely want to visit Bernini's elephant, so if we don't go the Sunday, will try and time the visit right for a drink at the bar as well!

            I had heard of Obika but not done any further research. Enjoy a good Negroni!

        2. Is this the Magnolia you are heading for? It certainly does not advertise itself as a dining destination in the evening

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          1. re: jen kalb

            Yes, that's it.

            We are meeting friends who dined at Magnolia a number of times last year when visiting Rome and become friends with the owner, I believe, and also one of the wait staff.

            I work with the wife of the couple we are meeting and she raves about the meals and service they have had at Magnolia.

            1. re: Cookbug

              will be interested in your report on all this.

              1. re: jen kalb

                Will definitely report back. I've done so much research and sourced so much from ChowHound, it's the very least I could do to report back.

                We are visiting Rome (4 nights), Florence (2 nights), Chianti (4 nights) and Val d'Orcia (4 nights) so there will be lots of eating and drinking to report on.