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Jul 11, 2012 02:49 PM

Anything new up north (Harbor Springs, Petoskey, Charlevoix, Boyne City, etc)

I searched to see if there were any new threads about Northern Michigan food and dining and didn't see anything current. Any new not to be missed spots in Emmet or Charlevoix counties and environs? (We probably won't make it to TC). What is the word on Palettes in Petoskey? Looks like very mixed reviews. What about the Fish or Douglas Lake Bar and Grill which have both changed owners in the last few years? Any old favorites that are even better this year? Anything go seriously downhill? Would be interested in farmers markets, fine dining and everything in between.

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  1. Douglas Lake Bar is still going strong.

    Palette is mixed for me. The view is great, the food has been good, but nothing I've had has wowed me. The service can be great or startlingly bad. If you go, ask for Sean as your server.

    I really enjoy Twisted Olive, next door to Palette, for breakfast or lunch.

    One place I've been meaning to try for lunch is Roquette Burger Bistro in Charlevoix. I've heard good things and the menu definitely sounds promising. It's pretty casual and only open til 3.

    Haven't heard anything about The Fish in a while.

    I always have an enjoyable experience at Cafe Sante in Boyne City, even though I think they can be pretty heavy handed with oils and seasonings. They manage to win me over with some aspect of my meal every time. Great desserts, good drinks, nice happy hour.

    1. We just ate at the Freshwater Grill - in a strip mall about 1/2 mile south of Petoskey State Park on M-119.
      This is a casual place with a short menu and counter service - sandwiches and fish baskets.
      I had the fried whitefish basket and found the coating crisp and not at all greasy. My husband had the hamburger - good and good quality meat.
      This is a place I would definitely go back to. We walked in about 1 minute before closing and asked if they were still cooking. They happily made us dinner.
      I hope to try their grilled veggie sandwich next time.

      1. I also keep forgetting to try the new American Spoon Cafe. It's been renovated, has a liquor license, and is being managed by chef Peterson from Tapawingo. I would love to hear reports if someone beats me there.

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          We had lunch there today and the food is terrific. They have a very limited menu (at least breakfast or lunch) and dinner is a little pricy given the ambiance of the cafe, which still looks like it did when it was a gelato place. My wife had their burger which actually came out medium rare as ordered - not always easy these days. It had gruyere (sp?), a slice of bacon and topped with apple and onion jam which was wonderful, and they sell it next door. I had a whitefish sandwich which was also excellent. We will definitely return.

        2. These all sound like good options...cant wait to give them a try..anything else new in the tip of the mitten?

          1. We had a great dinner at the America Spoon Cafe in Petoskey, The food was incredibly fresh (much of the food is local) and the presentation was fabulous. While the menu is small (4 mains) and the portion are on the modest side, the whole meal was flavorful and creative and the service great. We thought it was a real welcome addition to Northern Michigan,.

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              Thanks for reporting back. That's great to hear! I'm still looking forward to getting over there soon.

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                It was kind of on the quiet get there soon and often.