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Jul 11, 2012 02:40 PM

Best Lobster Rolls in Boston: Chowhound Lists

We're starting a new series called Chowhound Lists, and the first post is about Lobster Rolls in Boston. Here's a link (it can also be seen currently in the Best of Chowhound Blog):

The idea behind this is to create a guide to specific foods in specific cities, based on Chowhound posts. Ideally, these can be a resource for local hounds as well as visitors. Our thinking is that the lists do not have to be static—they can be revisited and updated when it's warranted. Think of them as a snapshot of what Chowhounds are talking about.

If people want to discuss things missing from this list, feel free to do that here!

Keep in mind that this list is limited to lobster rolls within a 5 mile radius of Downtown Boston.

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    1. My favorites are Legal Harborside and Artbar. Classic new england lobster roll. Neptune is on my list to try..

      1. The hot buttered lobster roll at Neptune is my favorite (and about 28,000 other hounds as well. Worth every penny of the $25 IMHO.

        1. Belle Isle.

          Soon to be in Winthrop (don't worry, it's barely 100 yards away), but still in Boston for now!

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          1. re: L2k

            This may be a big plus, as Winthrop allows BYOB. A cold one would go well with their Lobster Roll and rings.

            1. re: L2k

              Are they moving across the bridge?

              1. re: Dave MP

                Yes. They have an "artist's conception" up in the old place, and you can see the new space taking form. Looks like it's bigger and will have some outside seating. And hopefully a bathroom where you can wash up!

              2. re: L2k

                Belle Isle is my favorite in Boston proper. Can't beat the quantity, price, or view (to each his own but I like looking out at the planes).

                Although, word of warning, we went a couple of weeks ago at around 6pm Saturday and they were already sold out of Lobster rolls.

              3. This is a great idea!