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Best Lobster Rolls in Boston: Chowhound Lists

We're starting a new series called Chowhound Lists, and the first post is about Lobster Rolls in Boston. Here's a link (it can also be seen currently in the Best of Chowhound Blog): http://www.chow.com/food-news/120594/...

The idea behind this is to create a guide to specific foods in specific cities, based on Chowhound posts. Ideally, these can be a resource for local hounds as well as visitors. Our thinking is that the lists do not have to be static—they can be revisited and updated when it's warranted. Think of them as a snapshot of what Chowhounds are talking about.

If people want to discuss things missing from this list, feel free to do that here!

Keep in mind that this list is limited to lobster rolls within a 5 mile radius of Downtown Boston.

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    1. My favorites are Legal Harborside and Artbar. Classic new england lobster roll. Neptune is on my list to try..

      1. The hot buttered lobster roll at Neptune is my favorite (and about 28,000 other hounds as well. Worth every penny of the $25 IMHO.

        1. Belle Isle.

          Soon to be in Winthrop (don't worry, it's barely 100 yards away), but still in Boston for now!

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            This may be a big plus, as Winthrop allows BYOB. A cold one would go well with their Lobster Roll and rings.

            1. re: L2k

              Are they moving across the bridge?

              1. re: Dave MP

                Yes. They have an "artist's conception" up in the old place, and you can see the new space taking form. Looks like it's bigger and will have some outside seating. And hopefully a bathroom where you can wash up!

              2. re: L2k

                Belle Isle is my favorite in Boston proper. Can't beat the quantity, price, or view (to each his own but I like looking out at the planes).

                Although, word of warning, we went a couple of weeks ago at around 6pm Saturday and they were already sold out of Lobster rolls.

              3. This is a great idea!

                1. I think this just makes the 5-mile limit....The Ledge in Dorchester's Lower Mills makes a very good lobster roll.

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                    Went to The Ledge last night. No lobster roll. Special only. Very disappointing. Mouth watering for a lobster roll. Still watering. Will find one tonight. Maybe Hingham Lobster Pound. Very good.
                    Tried to Enjoy,

                    1. re: CocoDan

                      Port 305 at Marina Bay has the lobster sliders that are quite good.

                      1. re: Pegmeister

                        Have had those and like them Peg. Siro's has the same recipe only in a toasted roll. Just as good a little more expensive. Still my fav is Hingham Lobster Pound. No place to sit. We used to sit on the tailgate of the old beach wagon.

                  2. Yankee Lobster- down at the pier. Not much for environment inside, but it is a working store/restuarant that actually gets their product direct from the boat.

                    1. Here's why I may never again order a lobster roll in Boston: the $15 warm lobster roll at Captain Scott's Lobster Dock in New London, CT. It was teeming with fresh, warm lobster meat, held together with the faintest drizzle of butter (more butter is available upon request, but IMHO is totally unnecessary), and served on an elongated split top hot dog bun (meaning more lobster meat can be stuffed in!).

                      I remember once upon a time that B&G's lobster roll was a wonderful concoction of large chunks of lobster meat held together by just a bit of aioli and spices, but the last time I had one, it was of the less good pulverized lobster meat variety. Neptune's warm lobster roll comes closest, but they use too much butter and, as we've discussed a fair bit, many of us find that the brioche roll overpowers the delicate lobster meat. (And, of course, it's a lot more expensive!)

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                        I just had their lobster roll last night! I do like the Lobster dock, although if you're in that area we tried "Cove Clam Shack" in Mystic last weekend and would highly recommend. They have picnic tables but no water view, but I thought the food was even better than Lobster Dock (particularly the fried food). The fried clams were perfectly juicy but with a beautiful carmel colored and seasoned crust. Fish and chips were perfectly fried as well. Onion rings were better than average but nothing earth shattering. The fried clams though really were.

                        Lobster roll wise, it's a buck or two more than Lobster Dock but they take the time to seriously grill the bun in butter, so rich yet so delicious. It reminds you of why lobster rolls are served in buns even though for most (including Scott's) it's more of an afterthought. Lobster meat quantity is about the same as Scott's, though Cove's (regrettably) squishes it in there so it initially looks like less.

                        We hit Scott's 2-3 times a month in the summer and love it, but Cove's has definitely given us a second option and is definitely stronger on anything fried. Give it a try next time you're in the area.

                        1. re: Klunco

                          I tried the Cove in Mystic last summer and the clams were a big gloppy mess. They were all stuck together and the inner part of the clump was doughy. My new local fav is the Olympian Diner in Braintree. A friend introduced me to their seafood a few months ago, and I've never has sweeter more tender clams without any elastic band texture to them at all. I would never have thought about ordering seafood there, but i've also had their shrimp. Very very fresh. The last time I was there, the next table got fish and chips and it looked really good. My next local favs are The Clam Box in Wollaton and the Hingham Lobster Pound. Tony's clams are good, but I can't get past the tarter sauce made with Cains mayo.

                          1. re: catsmeow

                            Hmm, we'll have to try it again to check their consistency. I will say that with the turn-over of high school students, it may be that this year's crop of workers is just better than last summers. But we'll see...

                      2. This is outside of the 5 mile radius of Downtown Boston. But the price alone (if not misprinted) deserves a mention.

                        "At The Gloucester House Restaurant, Lenny Linquata said the market upheaval has flipped the seafood hierarchy, making lobsters among his cheapest seafood. As a result, a lobster roll that would have cost $35 is now $25, he said."


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                        1. re: eatntell

                          While there are plenty of places that charge more, $25 if hardly a good price for a lobster roll.

                          1. re: Blumie

                            Can't imagine Lenny sold a whole lot of them at $35 either.