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Jul 11, 2012 02:13 PM

Downtown Atlanta - Near Merchandise Mart

Going to Gift Mkt, staying downtown -- anything great for lunch or dinner?

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  1. I'm assuming you mean close to the mart...
    If so, Lunacy Black Market for dinner.

    Teds Montana Grill is very good (chain) for lunch or dinner.

    1. Rays in the City. Great seaford and atmosphere!

        1. I have only been there for lunch, but I really like Alma Cucina in the 191 building. Meehan's is good for bar food and lunch, and at least yesterday at lunch it wasn't overwhelmed by mart-goers. Hsu's for Chinese.

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          1. Here's a previous thread about downtown options that might help you:

            For lunch, you might want to check out Broad St. in the Fairlie-Poplar district. A bit further from the mart, but there are some great spots that are only open at lunch, like Rosa's Pizza (NY style), Dua for pho, and Reuben's NY style deli. Around the corner on Peachtree (across from Woodruff park) there's a good Korean place called Blossom Tree too. Hope that gives you some non-traditional lunch options.