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Jul 11, 2012 02:05 PM

Decent catering options for work lunches -Financial District?

We host large group meetings fairly often that include lunch near Gov't Center/Downtown Crossing. We need to expand beyond the usual sandwiches, chips, drinks from the usual suspects (Viga, Milk St, Cosi, Sebstian's) but I no longer work in Boston (just come in for meetings) and don't know what might be available beyond the typical options. Anyone know of and have experience with interesting catering options (they have to deliver) in the financial district that won't break the bank? We used to use Whole Foods but they no longer deliver by 12. $15 pp is reasonable - ethnic options welcome, and even encouraged. Thanks!

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  1. Casa Razdora on Water street near post office square is great for italian catering

    1. I used to work at an office in Government Center. We needed to bring in lunches quite often. When we got tired of the usual sandwiches route, our receptionist would order from Dining In. They do corporate catering, and you have a wide choice of options.

      1. Check out D'Guru on Devonshire, which is the downtown location of Guru the Caterer in Somerville. Indian that I find to be very flavorful - I am sure they can cater, etc.

        Today, for take-out, two veggies, rice and bread at $6.50 + tax. Had the fried okra, which appeared to be sauteed or dry-fried, not deep-fried. First, offering okra in the Financial District is just plain ballsy. Second, it was awesome - had a little bit of brown char to it, no slime whatsoever and great, spicy flavor. The aloo with potatoes and eggplant was good, although I got a couple of underdone potatoes (but no biggie). Rice was nicely made basmati.

        1. Sam LaGrassa's and Figaro's are good options for slightly more interesting sandwiches

          Burrito Express on Bedford St for Mexican

          Foumami on High St for Asian-fusiony sandwiches and salads