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Jul 11, 2012 01:01 PM

Toronto to Windsor roadtrip ...

I am driving my nephew to a soccer tournament he is playing in on the weekend and I was wondering if there is anything worth stopping for along the way near or around the 401 from Toronto to Windsor?

It can be any kind of food really as long as it's worth the trip ...

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  1. I'm originally from Toronto, but now live in Windsor. I make the drive to Toronto and beyond (to my cottage) and back regularly and to be honest, we rarely stop for a bite before hitting the GTA. If we do, we might stop for sushi in Cambridge or Pho in Kitchener, but that's about it. I can offer lots of suggestions in Windsor, if you wish. What do you and your nephew like to eat? Also, whereabouts will you be staying? For starters, while in Windsor, take a stroll along Erie St. and enjoy gelato at Centro, plus a few other cafes along the strip. Centro also does pretty good thin crust pizza (2 for 1 on Monday nights).

    1. to break up the drive I used to stop at a little place in Iona Station which doubled as the town restaurant and post office. Greasy spoon/comfort food place catering to local farmers, but beats the usual Tim Horton's.

      ETA along the same strip is the Holland House restaurant - food not outstanding but it's a bit of a curiosity

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        Thanks for the heads up guys.

        I kind of lucked out though and I no longer have to make the drive : )