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Jul 11, 2012 12:59 PM

First night. No reservations on Friday night. Restaurant near Relais St. Germain.

I have done some research on this site and am well aware that most people would discourage no reservations on a Friday night and normally, I would agree with you. However, I am just not sure how the jetlag is going to effect my wife and I, or any combination of the two. Is there any place that is nearby, aside from L'Avant Comptoir that I should know about that has good food with no reservations that I have a possibility of getting into?
I have thought about just seeing how we feel around lunch and if we are doing ok, have the hotel make a reservation some place. But, I know that you can feel fine one minute and the next feel like you have been hit by a train. So, instead of taking this approach, I thought I would see if there is anything that we could do without a reservation.
Anything other than Relais L'Entrecote or L'Avant Comptoir?

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  1. Not really around there. Lots of restaurants but also lots of tourist places. L'avant Comptoir hasn't any seats so not a real option. My advice is to book because it "forces" you to get up and get out. I always do worse if I don't force myself onto the local timezone ASAP (and I travel a lot) do having a commitment helps and I don't roll over and keep sleeping. Try something easy like Semilla or Fish just around the corner.

    1. Why not have a late lunch at Le Comptoir and then if you are up for it roam around and find some place for a drink?

      1. Friday night in St Germain des Prés is buzzing... if you leave it until after 8pm, chances are every place (good and bad) will be booked up ... you can have your concierge ring around to find an immediate table somewhere ... or you can play restaurant roulette at 7ish... I'd start at the admittedly very inconsistent but often decent Les Editeurs on the carrefour de l'Odéon and if no room head down towards the Luxembourg... my choice would be La Ferrandaise on the rue de Vaugirard just off the rue Médicis but it's a Bib Gourmand so therefore very popular ... on the way, La Méditerranée, La Bastide Odéon, and Café de l'Odéon (snacky meals) might be worth a look-see... if worse comes to worst, you can probably get quite a decent meal at Au Petit Suisse (brasserie-type café) on the rue Vaugirard/ rue Médicis or Café Tournon on the rue Tournon.

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            "Friday night in St Germain des Prés is buzzing... "

            Every night in St. Germain de Prés has been buzzing this week. One really should have a table nailed.

            And, yes, do get up and out for the evening. Doing so will help set your clock on Paris time.

            1. re: mangeur

              Mangeur, you're in Paris? If so look forward to hearing about your latest dining adventures!

          2. La Ferrandaise is close by on the Rue Vaugirard. The food is quite nice, but I would think a booking might be a good idea.