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Jul 11, 2012 12:54 PM

Turkish goods in NY

Can anyone recommend any good suppliers of Turkish delight in Manhattan or the outer boroughs? Where are the Turkish neighborhoods in New York?

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  1. This search might be useful:

    Also, do try doing a search of the Outerboroughs board as I recall seeing a few posts.

    1. I think Kalustyan might have it, rare international ingredients and treats are their specialty.

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        Kalyustan sells several varieties of locum.

        I think I've also seen it in the large Greek food shops in Astoria, including Titan and Mediterranean.

      2. Güllüoğlu has Turkish delight. I know they have the pre-packaged brand you can purchase at many Middle Eastern and halal markets, but I think they may have another variety as well. You should also check out Zeytinz or Zeytuna in FiDi.

        1. Kalustyan in Manhattan! What don't they have?
          On Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn bet Court and Clinton there are several Mid East stores
          Mt Ararat bakery in Bayside is another good source for Mid East bread and delicacies

          1. If you want to go to Sunnyside in Queens you can try Turkiyem Market on Skillman Ave.