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Jul 11, 2012 12:06 PM

German Restaurant for Large Group?


I'm looking for a German restaurant to have an informal memorial/life celebration in the fall for about 60-70 people? Long Island/Queens and NJ are fine as well.

So far I've contacted:

- Zum Stammtisch
- Heidelberg
- Chalet Alpina
- Helmer's in Hoboken
- Lederhosen

Does anyone have any experience with the above and/or other recommendations?



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  1. Post on Outerboroughs / New Jersey / NY State boards for non-Manhattan spots.

    1. I've had experience with Lederhosen. For 70 people, I think they'll have to close down the restaurant, but they may be able to accommodate everyone in the dining room. They have a projector screen that will occupy most of the back wall if you want to show a tribute video. Service is usually buffet style off the menu. I have not seen them do a la carte for private events.

      1. There is a new beer hall opening in brooklyn on st marks and 4th avenue by the owners of der schwarze kölner. im not sure of the name (i dont believe its opened quite yet but should be open very soon). from a press piece i saw about it they should have ample seating (i think it said it could hold up to 200 people inside with a garden for half that many, but i may be misremembering). youre not likely to find posts on it on the outer boroughs board, but if you wait a few weeks and are still making decisions, it may be worth getting in touch with them.

        edited to add: i got over my case of the lazies to pick this link up for you - may be worth contacting someone at der schwarze kolner to see if they will be able to accomodate you at the new space:

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          Don't contact Der Schwartze Kolner.

          The owners got divorced. The wife is keeping Der Schwartze Kolner; the husband is opening the new place (called just Der Kolner).

        2. Have you thought of the Bohemian Beer Hall in Astoria? They could handle that outside. You should give them a call. Zum Stammtisch is good but maybey far away. You might try Manor Oktoberfest in Forrest Hills if that area is good for you.

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