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Jul 11, 2012 12:04 PM


We are having dinner at Katsuya on South Beach tonight. Has anyone been there, and if so what are the "must haves". Thanks

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  1. I'm sorry this response is too late to help with your original visit, but we loved the baked crab hand rolls. We loved them so much we doubled down with a second order.

    This dish is very similar to the snow crab roll at Pubbelly Sushi - although I would give the nod to PBS for their inclusion of clarified butter as a "dipping sauce." Of course, nothing compares to the fried clam and pork belly roll topped with cole slaw at Pubbelly Sushi!

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      I like the snow crab roll better than the belly and clam roll. The ponzu butter does indeed make the dish.

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        We tried several different dishes at Katsuya, and found them uninspired with ingredients that were not of the finst quality. Everything was very salty and some hot dishes were swimming in butter even though we asked for no butter to be used!

        The restaurant was very empty on Friday night which we thought strange for a new "name " restaurant in a hot new hotel.

        We both felt that Makoto gives the diner a much better meal in quality and taste for the same price point.

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          I heard Katsuya isn't doing well at all

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            That does not suprise me............