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Jul 11, 2012 11:58 AM

Good Food Near East Broadway F Train Station

Most of my Chinatown faves tend to be slightly west of this locale, but I would love to get recommendations of places near the subway that you find good. That way I could hop off the train, eat nearby and hop back on to my home in Bklyn.
I'm obviously thinking of Chinese places mostly, but would love to hear about any place that's good.

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  1. Fat Radish is very close by, as is Overseas Taste, Lan Zhou, Super Taste, Sheng Wang, and Cheeky Sandwiches isn't too far either.

    1. its not too far from the EB Xian Famous Foods location, if you wanted to hop off, grab food, take it home (or to a park) as they have no seating at that location.

      1. the bakery formerly known as sunlight serves the finest made to order cheung fan noodles for breakfast in chinatown

        1. I'm quite fond of the East-of-Bowery Chinatown, myself - it's less crowded / touristy than the Western half, and perhaps a bit of home 'hood pride as well. Anyway, here's my recommendations -

          Eastern Eats:

          Overseas Taste (Canal) and Skyway (Allen) - for Malaysian. I generally prefer Overseas, but I like the rendang and pearl noodles a bit more at Skyway. Splitting hairs, though. Both are solid.

          Lam Zhou - great hole in the wall for hand-pulled noodles, if you can deal with the constant thwack-thwack-thwack of a burly Chinese man throwing a ball of dough against a metal table in the dining room. I assume this is the place Kathryn meant by "Lan Zhou" - usedto be a place with that name on Division (not as good as Lam Zhou) but they're not there anymore, were replaced with a Hong Kong Station IIRC.

          Sheng Wang - I prefer the hand-pulled noodles at Lam Zhou, but Sheng Wang also has knife-peel noodles, which are excellent.

          Fuleen Seafood - probably the best of the higher-end Cantonese places this side of Broadway. On a level with Oriental Garden, and they actually do land fare better than OG. Good combination of high-end seafood and more rustic fare - the preserved duck & taro casserole is a rootsy wintertime fave of mine. Their geoduck two ways is outstanding (though expensive) and they do conch better than most, I find. Really one of those menus it's hard to go wrong with, and they have great lunch deals as well.

          Xi'an Famous Foods at the East Broadway Mall - of course.

          Strange Taste Cuisine (Henry St.) - decent little HITW for Beijing-style noodles, and dumplings. Great prices.

          Lee Chung Cafe - cute little spot on Madison, seems to be run by a group of younger kids who took over their family's space (a la Nom Wah) and are just making the comfort food from home (Guangdong) - which means everything from Boba Tea to grilled cheese sandwiches to Burmese fish broth soup.

          Yi Zhang - good spot on Eldridge for cheap fishball soup and peanut noodles. If you're adventurous, there's lamb offal and whatnot as well.

          Panda Dumpling - they have a pretty interesting menu that they're still tinkering with. Their steamed dumplings I find better than their fried ones, and their dumpling sauce is actually among the best I've had - seems like they make it themselves. Solid cold noodle dishes as well.

          A little bit further West, Cong Ly (on Hester) has my favorite Pho in town. Pho Grand is also good, too, and open later.

          Also worth checking out: Ah Ping Snack Bar (though I haven't been in about a year), and various Fujian places along Eldridge (Best Fuzhou & Rong Hang stand out)

          Western Eats:

          169 Bar - decent little dive bar, popular with restaurant workers. Has some fun bar food, good oysters, gets VERY crowded on the weekends though.

          Bacaro - cute wine bar on Division, with decent food

          Brown Cafe - great little cafe for brunch / lunch - just really fresh, local/seasonal fare.

          Also will 2nd Cheeky Sandwiches & Fat Radish.

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            I was looking for Strange Taste Cuisine today and I couldn't find it. I suspect it's closed. Walked all around the intersection of Henry and Catherine looking for it.

            1. re: pravit

              Pretty sure it's been gone at least a year. Last report on these boards was in '09. ...

                1. re: squid kun

                  I'm pretty sure it's been gone at least two years.

                  1. re: Chandavkl

                    Yeah, probably closer to that. I was being conservative.

            2. Ling Kee Beef Jerky at 42 Canal St.

              I'd never thought that the best beef jerky I ever had would be Malaysian.

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                "I'd never thought that the best beef jerky I ever had would be Malaysian."

                Quotation of the Day!