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Jul 11, 2012 10:55 AM

Alep (not petit), Damas, or Kaza Maza

We will be visiting Montreal tomorrow through Monday. I am really looking forward to eating middle eastern food because the restaurants in Boston are mediocre. I've been reading the reviews on Chow and elsewhere and it's hard to decide. Any thoughts?

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  1. Damas...the best of your choices by far. Rumi is pretty good too! :D

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    1. re: mangeonsca

      you might want to check out Rumis breakfast menu with mideastern touch, and across street is figaro with nice small terrace for breakfast, both easy to get from downtown

      1. re: mangoannie

        And mangoannie is referring to Rumi on Hutchison and Fairmount. They have another location on St-Laurent, which is quite different food and atmosphere wise.

        1. re: foodinspace

          Thank you. I'll report back if I get to them. We've just arrived and I'm getting my bearings

    2. I would vote for Damas. It is a bit more expensive but worth it. Lovely decor and I found the food to be outstanding the evening we went. Rumis is of course also good but with a more casual vibe than Damas.