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Jul 11, 2012 10:50 AM

Looking for a mix of restaurants in the Marais area.

I will be in the Marais area for four days next week (July 18-22) and am looking for a variety of different types of restaurants, some budget and some nicer places for dinner. All suggestions welcome.

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  1. Had a couple of great meals in early June at
    Robert & Louise, rue Vielle du Temple. Fabulous cote de boeuf for 2, cooked on an open hearth. Heavenly side dishes served family style, wonderful roasted potatoes, salad, and a tableau legume.


    Metropolitain, rue de Jouy. Wonderful locals place, fitted out like a little Metro (subway) station. Excellent french food, many blackboard items.

    Reservations essential at both of these places.

    For a budget meal and a break, Cafe du Tresor has a lovely outdoor dining area and some nice simpler food, moules, salads, and some other French specialties. (try Steack Tartare).

    For a high end experience, le Dome du Marais is a wonderful place. Impeccable service, and a gorgeous environment, a glass domed large room in an historic building.

    1. One which should not be missed: l'Ambassade d'Auvergne.

      L'Ambassade is close to the Pompidou and is literally a culinary embassy for the hospitality and cuisine of the Auvergne region. Meals are very affordable, yet the atmosphere is like you're in another world. Highly recommended: the starter of Salade Tiède de Lentilles Vertes du Puy - it's a warm lentil salad with lardons, mustard, wine vinegar and yummy goose fat . Also any entree with their famed Aligot - mashed potatoes with stringy cheese from the region. The Saucisse de Parlan & Aligot is available year-round I believe.

      It's a good thing you asked the question - I was going to also mention Le Pamphlet but in looking for a link to their menu I discovered it closed. :(

      1. Where did you go, MurrayM?