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Jul 11, 2012 09:31 AM

This is what I have!

Ok so I'm toward the end of my grocery and my weekly budget.

So I wanted to know if there was anything I could make out of what I have.

Boneless chicken breast
New potatoes
Vidalia onion dressing
Crock pot
Canned corn, green beans,
Pickled beets

I know it's a little scattered
Please help me out for dinner tonight

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  1. Do a cold chicken/potato salad with everything minus the pickled beets maybe??

    1. Marinade the chicken in the dressing and grill it. Slice the potatoes and onions and grill them in a foil packet alongside the chicken. Serve with the canned green beans mixed with some chopped onions suteeed in bacon fat and crumbled bacon.

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        My thoughts, almost exactly. You could also do all of the above in a skillet if you don't have a grill. Pan fry the potatoes and onions witha little bacon grease.

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          Pretty much precisely what I thought. :D

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            Or thick cut the onions, brush them with the dressing and grill them along with the chicken.

          2. Throw it all out and go to McD's for the $ menu.

            Sorry just in one of those moods.

            1. I would dress the corn and green beans with the 1/3 of the vidalia dressing, tossed with some finely chopped onion (use 1/2 the onion). Julienne the pickled beets and add them and some pepper at the last minute before serving.

              Do a quick marinade of the chicken breast, cut into large chunks ("chicken tender" size), for an hour or so in the rest of the dressing, reserving about 1/8 cup. While that's going, rub the new potatoes and the onion with the remaining dressing. Wrap bacon slices around the potatoes, and cut the onion half in half, wrapping bacon slices around that, too. When the chicken in out, wrap the tenders in bacon. Skewer all of them so that the bacon is secured and grill. Serve the chicken/potato/onion skewers with the corn/bean/onion/beet salad.

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                I was thinking along these same lines. Same treatment of the veggies for salad, then I'd butterfly the breasts, marinate briefly in the remaining vidalia dressing, brown the bacon and remaining onion, sautee the chicken and make a quick pan sauce using pan drippings. I'd steam the potatoes and dress lightly with butter, S&P, maybe some tarragon if I had some growing outside the front door.