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Which Richmond Night Market is optimal for food (of course)?


This is a decent overview but I'm wondering if any Hounds have made it to both this year for a personal comparison. Any help/insight would be most appreciated.

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  1. I had three aborted plans to go to the new one (RNM) :-(

    My folks went on Sunday, said the food was meh. But they say that about a lot of places, LOL.

    Dunno if anyone saw this recent article:


      1. Only been to the "new" one (Bridgeport station) this year. Large selection of food. The usuals and some new stuff too ($8 wood fire pizza, pork hocks). My impression is that there is more selection in the new one than the old one had (but i haven't been to the old one this year). I had BBQ squid (few to choose from, I prefer the place that has whole squid rather than just tentacles), a few different BBQ beef/lamb skewers, a papaya milk, a wood fire pizza, and was going to get a pork hock but ran out of steam.

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          Now I'm leaning toward the new one as I will be using transit. Anyone else with feedback on either/both?

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            (Sorry if it's TL;DR!)

            Been to both the "old" (by Home Depot) and "new" (by Bridgeport station) night markets. My allegiance lies with the old one, simply because you get better value for your money. Got a small plate of bbq squid (mmmm tentacles), a bag of taiwanese-style chicken nuggets, two bags of egg waffles (they had a 2 for $4 promotion which was a steal) and one rotato + thai iced tea before calling it quits (!)

            Old night market

            - no entrance fee! Save that $1.50 and use it towards a rotato or order of bbq squid ;
            )- from Bridgeport station, there's a (free) shuttle that leaves every 20 mins. going to the old night market.
            - Food's cheaper, and there's a fair assortment of goodies. And not one, but THREE rotato stands (so shorter lines). Plus a very efficient egg waffle stall.

            - parking costs $6 (or $5 I couldn't remember). Me and a lady friend got there around 7:30 pm and the parking lot was near full.
            - If you don't do the free shuttle, you can take the 407/430 (but have to walk a fair distance)

            "New" Night Market

            - ridiculously convenient for those taking transit!
            - Parking's free! Aside from the parking lot right beside the night market, there's a smaller lot closer to Bridgeport station (you'll walk past it on the way to the NM).
            - Greater variety of food stalls: this night market's bigger than the old one, so there's more space for food vendors. And as LR mentioned, the "old-school Chinese night market" wood fired pizza. :)


            - traffic is a PITA: left the night market around 10pm and the bottleneck around the parking lot area was INSANE.
            - The $1.50 entrance fee: this really bothers me because you're paying to get in...only to get food that's pricier than at the old NM.
            - I found myself paying "food truck" prices for some of the food ($6-10), as opposed to the lower price range ($3-7) at the other NM.
            - Not a big deal, but I noticed there was a lot more corporate sponsorship "booths" littered around the new NM than the old one. Less shopping to be done.

            Personally I don't mind going the extra step and riding the free shuttle to the old night market. The crowds were so much bigger at the new one and I found myself shoulder-to-shoulder with people more than I'd want to.

            Just my $0.02

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                Ok I'll be the village idiot here ....... what's a rotato ??

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                  It's that twirly potato on a stick jobby that you keep seeing in photos of the night market!

                  And I'm on the fence about whether a tourist *should* take one of four dining chances on a night market. I've bought some fun stuff at the "old" night market, and enjoyed the average food there but it is super crowded and not that cheap. I'd say it might be worth it if the visitor was able to do an early supper somewhere in Richmond and just have later night snacks... plus buy some silly swag ;-).

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                      That could be a potential plan... I'm having trouble narrowing it down anyway! :-)

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                        Is there a good izakaya in Richmond? That is the one thing I haven't been able to fit in yet. Is the Guu good there?

                        1. re: Katie Nell

                          There is a Guu but it isn't like any of the other ones. Not worth the effort IMO.

                          There are a handful of izakaya there actually. I think the best one might be Nan Chuu which is run by Gyoza King.

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                    I was at the "new" one tonight. The food selection is definitely more interesting. Overall, it felt a lot more organized than the "old" one. It also felt more spacious.

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                  Wood fired pizza ...... very old-school Chinese night market ! [wink]

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                    Maybe that Chinese wood-fired pizza stall is a covert operation backed by Trader Vic's:

                    (scroll down dinner menu's Entrees section):

                3. So... if you were going to be vacationing in Vancouver for 4 nights, would you spend a precious evening at one of the markets, or is it not really worth it? Is it too touristy? I was kind of thinking it was a no-brainer, but after reading some of the comments on the article and here, I'm not too sure!

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                    It's definitely not too touristy. But generally most of the food at the night markets is nothing especially spectacular. I find it enjoyable due to the large variety of food available and being able to see your food prepared before you. If you have nothing like this where you live it would probably be fun. Most people from out of town that I take to the night market enjoy it as well.

                    1. re: barcosbarcos

                      Well for me, I've bought 3 cell phone holsters (~ $5 each) from the old night market from at least 2 years ago and all three are still fully intact and serving me well, better than any of the more expensive crap I've bought at my local FIDO outlets :-D

                      1. re: LotusRapper

                        just bought a new cell phone , anyone know if market near river rock has cell phone skins etc.... ?

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                        Not touristy at all. They are both open fairly late so you can have a light early dinner downtown then head over to try the food stalls.

                      3. re: Katie Nell

                        It's a great place for a tourist to visit. A unique experience you can't really find outside of Asia. It's mostly locals rather than tourists and worth going as a dinner destination. Hit 4 or 5 stalls and you're full. I'd recommend the new one; there's just more of it.