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Jul 11, 2012 09:02 AM

Best Bread in Boulder

The lemon-rosemary boules at Cured in Boulder are, hands down, the best bread available here. (Or at least, the best rustic-style, crusty bread.) The lemon and rosemary are subtle and don't overwhelm the gentle wheat flavor and crackling toast of the crust; I think they're only sprinkled on top, not baked into the loaf itself. These loaves are also absolutely gorgeous. I think it's $7, but the loaf is huge (probably twice the size of a normal boule) and it's well worth the price.

This website has a picture of the bread (scroll down past the pics of coffee and meats, which are also amazing):

DO NOT be fooled by the imitation available at Whole Foods - it's far inferior, oversalted and greasy with a strong lemon oil flavor (as opposed to the subtle hint of lemon in the real thing). I can only assume that WF bakery heard about Cured's bread and tried to replicate it, because it can't possibly be by the same baker. Plus, the WF version is $6 and about 1/4 the size of the Cured loaf.

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    1. re: LurkerDan

      Dunno, haven't tried. I don't see why not, although you'd have to toast or heat it after thawing - crusty bread usually loses its texture somewhat after freezing, but you can usually revive it by toasting or heating in the oven.

      Despite its size, a loaf never makes it to the point of needing to be stored in our house. We generally eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner till it's gone.

    2. I loved the giagantic pain au levain from Udis that I purchased at the boulder farmers market last year....Makes me want to drive back up there.

      1. I completely agree with monopod. These "crowns" are made by the Med Bakery (which is indeed associated with the restaurant of the same name). They also have a stand at the Wednesday farmers market selling a few other kinds of bread. I like Udi's quite a bit, but I think these guys are on a different level.

        Also, I have frozen their bread with some success, but ymmv

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        1. re: Dan74

          I should clarify that they only sell crowns at Cured and they sell other styles at the farmers market.

          1. re: Dan74

            Really, it's the Med guys? Wow, never would've guessed that - I know they have a big bakery there, but I've never been blown away by the quality of the bread at their restaurant. Maybe I have to give it another go.

          2. Ok, I just bought one. It is super huge and looks fabulous. Will report back re taste.

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            1. re: LurkerDan

              verdict: it is a darn good loaf of bread. And pretty good value, considering its size.

              Half of it is stored in our freezer.

              1. re: LurkerDan

                Verdict on freezing: just fine. Not great simply thawed, the crust is too chewy, but toasted it is still absolutely delicious.

                And as an aside, the sandwiches at Cured, while pre-made and not made to order, are probably the best sandwiches in Boulder. I've had 4 or 5 and never been anything but lip-smackingly satisfied.

            2. ...and Cured is now carrying fresh burrata cheese. Some burrata slathered onto a chunk of that crown boule is possibly the best thing I've put in my mouth all year. That's all I ate for dinner last night.

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              1. re: monopod

                I've never been to Cured but headed to lunch in Boulder with a former colleague and planning on stopping by while I'm in town. Wish me luck (in getting out of there without spending too much money). . .