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Jul 11, 2012 08:54 AM

Good kid-friendly diners or restaurants nearish Pound Ridge?

Not Blind Charlies or North Star, know about those restaurants, thanks. Bedford, New Canaan, South Salem, Stamford all nearby.

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  1. Bacio in South Salem is totally kid friendly.

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      I'll second Bacio. Di Nardo's in Pound Ridge is also a good choice.

    2. Westchester Burger Company in Bedford Hills too far?

      1. We live in PR and the choices for families are, indeed, limited. Blazer Pub, up toward Purdy's is very good, fun & family friendly. It's a pleasant drive too. My one complaint is that there isn't a kids menu and the adult portions are huge. But you can order soups or apps for the youngsters.
        Bar Taco in Port Chester or Stamford (equidistant from 10576) is also fun & loud & kid friendly. We also like Village Social in Mt kisco. The food's mostly just OK (keep your order simple) but it's comfortable and kid friendly and the cocktails are terrific.