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Ice Cream Sandwiches in LA?

Last summer, when visiting my parents in Sacramento, I went to a restaurant that had the most amazing ice cream sandwiches for dessert - the one I got consisted of very thin, tender ginger cookies with lemon ice cream sandwiched between - it was divine. I've had my eye out, but I have not seen an ice cream sandwich on any dessert menu in LA. Yes, yes, I know all about Coolhaus and have had many (although I haven't actually made it to their storefront in Culver City yet). And I've been to Diddy Reese many times too. But I'd like to know where else you can get ice cream sandwiches in LA - any recs?

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      I think Milk's more mid-city west (on Beverly west of La Brea), but +1 to it.

    2. I remember a decadent ice cream sandwich at Umami Burger that used French Macaroons.

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        That one is by Milk...


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          Apparently, Umami has switched from Milk to LA creamery. Does anyone know if Milk's ice cream sandwiches are available anywhere in OC?

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            Umami's founder Adam Fleischman now owns LA Creamery. That is the reason for the change.

        1. fosselmans (fresh) or mashti malones

          1. While not an ice cream sandwich, if you want to recreate the flavors of your Sacramento sandwich (but not in sandwich form), Trader Joe's sells Lemon & Triple Ginger Snap Ice Cream. It sounds like the flavor combo you had, but the ginger snap pieces are mixed into the ice cream. It's quite good.

            Otherwise, the classic ice cream sandwich-type item I grew up eating were It's-Its, which are available in most supermarkets in SoCal, I think.

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              Oh yeah, I LIVED on Its-Its in high school - I wish I still had the metabolism that I had back then!

            2. I like the ice cream sandwiches at Mothers Moo and Carmela.

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                cosign on both with a slight edge to Mothers Moo.

              2. Thanks for all the recommendations - I feel an ice cream sandwich crawl coming on this weekend!

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                  Sweet Rose Creamery. How can any sandwich be more delicious?

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                    Do they only sell the pre-made ones in the freezer to the left of when you walk in? Or do they make them to order?

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                      I have only seen them in the freezer.

                2. Carmela and Mother Moo (already mentioned), plus Sweets for the Soul.

                  1. Wurstkuche has ONE dessert on its menu--Toasted Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich. It's the best ice cream sandwich I've ever had!

                    1. Carmela makes a very good ice cream sandwhich with a crisp, thin cookie. Milk uses a thin French macaroon. I like Sweet Rose Creamery but have never had the sandwich there. The new Sprinkles ice cream place does them as well with thick-ish cookies.

                      1. Sweet Rose Creamery has one of the best in town.
                        Plan Check on Sawtelle has them on their dessert menu. If their Cruller Donuts are any indication of how great the ice cream sandwich might be then I'd say....get thyself to Plan Check. The food is outstanding.

                        1. So, you might have thought I was kidding, but I really did do an ice cream sandwich crawl this weekend. Here are the results of my very unscientific study (in order of preference):

                          1. Carmela: Mint Ice Cream/Chocolate Cookie - My favorite of the bunch, made with HEAVENLY mint ice cream (it tasted like fresh mint leaves, as it should), and a delicious chocolate cookie that was topped with a sprinkle of salt. The cookie improved in texture as time went on - next time, I would give it a few minutes to thaw, if I could summon the will power. Carmela also gets extra credit for having a large array of flavor options.

                          2. Milk: Coffee Toffee Ice Cream/Coffee (?) Macaron - A close second, and definitely the most unique. The macarons were pleasantly chewy and the ice cream, which was studded with toffee candy, was delicious. Also, it was the prettiest of the bunch (see photo). Like Carmela, Milk has a lot of interesting flavor options that would keep you coming back for more.

                          3. MotherMoo: Strawberry Ice Cream/Chocolate Cookie - The strawberry ice cream was deliciously fresh and flavorful. The cookie was chewy and had almost a brownie-like texture, which I wasn't a big fan of at first, but as my husband said, "it grows on you".

                          4. Sweets for the Soul: Chocolate Pecan Cookie/Toffee (?) Ice Cream - The ice cream didn't seem quite as fresh (which makes sense since it's not made in house), but the cookie was excellent - unlike the others, it seemed very homemade, in a good way. SFTS also gets extra credit for being the only one of the five who makes the sandwiches to order.

                          5. Sweet Rose: Vanilla Ice Cream/Chocolate Cookie - This one had a cookie that was closest to the cookie I was looking for - very tender, not too sweet - but the ice cream was a disappointment. Compared to the others, this ice cream was so delicately flavored you might almost call it bland, or at least a bit watery. SRC only offers this one flavor combination, which also is a drawback. I was much more impressed with the ice cream samples I tried than the sandwich.

                          Now I just need to get to Wurstkuche and Fosselman's!

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                            I forgot to mention BeachyCream before. They have a very good strawberry ice sandwich and other options.

                          2. I'm going to post the photos one at a time since I can't caption them...


                            1. SWEET ROSE CREAMERY

                                  1. SWEETS FOR THE SOUL

                                    1. Syrup in DTLA has a pretty amazing belgian waffle ice cream sandwich.

                                      If you're looking for a bit more traditional, I find that many people swear by Cool Haus (which has a location in culver city and like 3 or 4 roaming food trucks), but for my money...

                                      Chunk n' Chip (another food truck) edges them out by having both great ice cream (with amazing flavors) and using fresh made oven warm cookies (also multiple flavors) that are great just by themselves. ...You can try The Elvis - which is 2 peanut butter cookies, a mound of bananas foster ice cream, and candied bacon :P ...or you can just design your own. They however, do not have a permanent location, so you just hafta kinda hunt them down and get lucky.