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Jul 11, 2012 08:52 AM

Ice Cream Sandwiches in LA?

Last summer, when visiting my parents in Sacramento, I went to a restaurant that had the most amazing ice cream sandwiches for dessert - the one I got consisted of very thin, tender ginger cookies with lemon ice cream sandwiched between - it was divine. I've had my eye out, but I have not seen an ice cream sandwich on any dessert menu in LA. Yes, yes, I know all about Coolhaus and have had many (although I haven't actually made it to their storefront in Culver City yet). And I've been to Diddy Reese many times too. But I'd like to know where else you can get ice cream sandwiches in LA - any recs?

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    1. re: gmk1322

      I think Milk's more mid-city west (on Beverly west of La Brea), but +1 to it.

    2. I remember a decadent ice cream sandwich at Umami Burger that used French Macaroons.

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      1. re: JAB

        That one is by Milk...


        1. re: Dommy

          Apparently, Umami has switched from Milk to LA creamery. Does anyone know if Milk's ice cream sandwiches are available anywhere in OC?

          1. re: JAB

            Umami's founder Adam Fleischman now owns LA Creamery. That is the reason for the change.

        1. fosselmans (fresh) or mashti malones

          1. While not an ice cream sandwich, if you want to recreate the flavors of your Sacramento sandwich (but not in sandwich form), Trader Joe's sells Lemon & Triple Ginger Snap Ice Cream. It sounds like the flavor combo you had, but the ginger snap pieces are mixed into the ice cream. It's quite good.

            Otherwise, the classic ice cream sandwich-type item I grew up eating were It's-Its, which are available in most supermarkets in SoCal, I think.

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            1. re: hhewitt

              Oh yeah, I LIVED on Its-Its in high school - I wish I still had the metabolism that I had back then!