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Jul 11, 2012 07:52 AM

Seafood for 19 Year old

I have also posted this topic for NYC restaurants.

My daughter has requested seafood for her 19th birthday. It will just be us and her. She was watching Master Chef the other night when they cooked sea urchin..she is the type of kid who would try something like that. I do not want it to be a "shack" type place no matter how good the food might be..we definitely want atmosphere..but the food also has to be good. We will spend around $200 give or take when we walk out the door..that is why several places in the city are out like Le Bernadin. Has anyone tried Seablue, or you think this is something a 19 year old would enjoy? Also again, I know this is not the Manhattan board but I know a lot of you go there and sometimes when I post on that board I will get like one response..I was also considering Blue Fin but I think it might be too touristy..someone suggested Esca, Atlantic Grill, Mary's Fish Camp and Pearls. I would love to go to Pearls because I love lobster rolls but my daughter does not and it looks like the menu is limited there. Again, please don't fault me for bring up Manhattan restuarants here..but I "know you guys more" and if you have any experience with anything I mentioned I would very much appreciate this. Thanks again!

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  1. Try Lure Fish Bar on Mercer St in Soho. It's a nice neighborhood with shopping on Broadway off of Houston with boutiques etc. so there is stuff to do in the area. Food is excellent and has a bit of a scene.

    I've been to Dock's and that is also a good choice but it isn't what it used to be. In all seriousness give Lure some thought.


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      Thank you..someone else recommended that on NY board..its on my list!..striking Docks off list.

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        I'll 2nd (or 3rd) the Lure suggestion. We were there a couple wks ago to celebrate a bday with another couple. Had a great evening.

        There's options on their menu to suit most. We had a selection of apps (including the smoked salmon pizza and some sushi). Then ordered entrees, mostly fish and all well prepared.

        The scene at Lure mirrors the Soho neighborhood... great mix of young and (hipper) oldsters plus Lure is more lively than some of the others you mentioned. Definitely request a booth for your party as they are more comfy.

        We had oysters and cocktails before dinner a few blocks away at the Dutch.

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          And an old time classic bar across the street which is one of my favorites...Fanellis

      2. Lure is solid. Aquagrill would work too.

          1. I like Lure, and go there often, in fact I have a lunch reservation for tomorrow, but I would think there are more lively fun seafood places out there a 19 year old would enjoy more. I've only been there during lunch, and then it's busy, but still on the quiet side. I saw you posted on the Manhattan board too. After reading all of the posts, I'd go with Simon's recommendations.