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Jul 11, 2012 07:39 AM

Cheap Lobster- Where?

Read in the NYT that it is now lobster season and soft shelled lobsters are selling retail for as little as $4 a pound ($2.50 wholesale at the docks). So where is the cheap lobster at (or less expensive better/larger lobsters)? Even H Mart which is usually the least expensive I can find is around $8.00 a pound. I know we won't see $4 here but $6? I want to have a lobster fest!

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  1. Well, it sure as hell wouldn't be at Lukes Lobster...they are incredibly expensive...good food, but not worth the price

    1. $6.99lb this week at the Giant Food stores in the Baltimore area

      1. $4.99/lb at Grand Mart in Sterling, including both chicken lobsters and huge 3 lb monsters. We made a 3 lb one into 4 lobster rolls, with leftovers. This started as a weekend special price last weekend, but has continued all week.

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          H-Mart has lobster on special Fri,Sat and Sun 5.99 lbs

        2. Just finished a meal, against all my better judgment, of cheap lobster. Never again, not worth it and it's not even cheap. Four 1 1/4 lb water logged soft shell lobsters with only a few bites of mostly tasteless meat in them.

          Back to splitting a 4 pounder with the mister or eating nothing below 2 lbs by myself, hard shells only, they taste better and the shells are packed to the limit with meat.

          They were $3.99 at Johns Farms in Plainview, NY today. Only good use for them is stock, which is what I'm doing with the bodies and legs that are normall worth tearing apart to eat.

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            I prefer hard shells myself, but have never found that larger lobsters taste better.

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              We think they do; it's a matter of preference, but anything under 1 3/4 to 4 lbs is the sweet spot, we've decided and hard shells, too. Also, the larger ones have thick, easy to get delicious chunks of meat in the little legs and between the white cartilage ribs, the best tasting meat and it's big and easy to get from a bigger lobster.

            2. re: mcf

              I do agree on the lobsters at this time of the year. I had everything from 1 1/2 to 4 pounds and most I have tried are hollow... like 80% water. So I think this may be typical for this time of the year, I would probably order grade A+ lobsters via mail. Or else check the shell and make sure they are hard before you buy.

              1. re: cfoodie

                It's typical of soft shell lobsters, but you can ask for hard shell, which sells for considerably more per lb, since it's loaded with meat and not water. My husband and I love to share a 4 lb hard shell, plenty for each of us, and at that size, even the littlest legs have good sized chunks of meat all along them.

                Boiled in sea water in Maine is the ideal way to eat them, IMO.

            3. $3.50 for tails at harris teeter this week. BUT they have a better deal -- though it is more expensive -- $19.99 /# for HUGE australian blue lobster tails with so much meat and very little shell (vs. those cheap tails). one tail is about two pounds. probably serves four to six people.

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                This is kind of related. Does anyone know where I can get the lobster bodies for stock? I asked the guy at Harris Teeter and he looked at me like I was crazy. It was a good price for the tails, but when he acted like there never were bodies attached, I became nervous about the quality.