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Jul 11, 2012 07:30 AM

One night, and it's Monday

Austin Chowhound here. I am doing a quick trip to SF and have one night for dinner. Unfortunately it's a Monday night. Most of the places I have looked at (Coi, Saison, Sons & Daughters) are closed on Monday. I have a reservation at Gary Danko and am looking at Boulevard and Ame. Any opinions or others (equivalent or better) that I am missing? Monday looks youth in the city....

Thanx in advance for the help.

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  1. I would pick Ame over Danko and Boulevard; far more interesting, especially if you stick to the crudo and Chawan Mushi.

    La Folie is another consideration - French but exceptional in a "California" way and not old-school.

    Quince should also be on your list and might push all the others off...

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    1. re: CarrieWas218

      Quince is a good suggestion if it's open Mondays

    2. Make sure to get a reservation, call if you don't see anything on OpenTable, but I would drop to a little less formal and go to a more uniquely SF restaurant than go to Gary Danko:

      Flour + Water

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        The only restaurant on this list I have issues with is Nopa- chic space, bustling to say the least, but the wine list is consistently filled with obscure, high-acid, disjointed wines and the food has never hit the mark for us. Though it does seem to me most people there - and there are lots of them - are eating burgers and roast chicken, two things I don't bother ordering when dining out. Obviously Nopa knows their audience.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Thanks for the link, very nice wine list.

          2. re: demitasse04

            pork chop, veggie tagine, and bacon flatbread are also consistently on the menu and delicious.

        1. Incanto, Perbacco, Barbacco, Kokkari, A16, Bar Agricole, Wayfare

          1. Have never had a mediocre meal at Boulevard

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              Lucky you.... I have had more mediocre, forgettable meals at Boulevard than exceptional, memorable ones.

              1. re: CarrieWas218

                I was running about 50/50 before I gave up on them.

              2. re: demitasse04

                Boulevard was long our 'gold standard' for CA bistros. I used to work across the street and would estimate I've eaten at Boulevard over 70x since 1993 (I had a stressful job - eating out once a month at Boulevard was my treat to myself!). We have taken numerous people there over the years and it was always consistently good......

                Until Ravi Kapur left. Now, I can't really understand that. I ate at Boulevard when Nancy Oakes was always in the kitchen and after her, Pam Mazur. Kapur didn't become ExecChef at Boulevard until much later (2003, I think?). But we had a stunning meal at Prospect in early 2011 - but when Kapur left, we ate there again with Mazur in the kitchen, and it was embarrassingly bad. So bad they took my entire meal off the bill.

                Worried, we scheduled a dinner at Boulevard a couple of months later (Jan 2012) with Nancy Oakes in the kitchen....and again, the meal was erratic bordering on disastrous. It was also the first time EVER that I got incorrect information from a waiter; the kitchen clearly wasn't keeping the waitstaff informed on last-minute menu changes.

                Worse was the cost - the meal cost us exactly what La Folie had cost us the week before, but was inferior in every way.

                Boulevard is off our list for now, and we go to Fifth Floor instead.

              3. Izakaya Yuzuki's another option (closed Tuesdays).