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Jul 11, 2012 07:06 AM

Early Breakfast Enroute to 59th St Bridge

I asked this question back in 2008 and got some good info, ended up at New Post diner which was OK, not great.

I have to travel the route again, early Saturday July 14, around 8 am.

Any updates would be appreciated.

"I will be driving to Manhattan via Queensboro Bridge this Saturday morning around 8 am. I would like to stop in Queens for a good breakfast, Mexican style preferred. Can be anywhere in Woodside, Sunnyside, JH, Astoria, LIC areas, but closer to bridge is a plus. Relative ease of parking and a place that can accomodate a single diner would also be a positive. Need a place that is open at least by 8 am, 7am would even be better."


PS: Anyone know the breakfast hours of Taqueria Coatzingo?

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  1. I think coatzingo is 24 hours a day. and so is breakfast.

    1. coatzingo is good for breakfast. Additionally, I would suggest Krystal's on 69th and Roosevelt for a filipino breakfast of eggs, garlic fried rice, and choice of meat. Also, Alpha Donut on QB and 46th ST in Sunnyside does a very good american breakfast, cheap and fast.

      1. If you ever have this problem again, try The Haab! It's at 48th Avenue & 48th Street, two blocks south of Queens Blvd. I'm not certain of their early morning hours, but they specialize in (Mexican) breakfast, so you're probably fine. Super cheap, delicious, very friendly. /

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          I've had Haab for lunch and it's pretty good. Plus they have American stuff as well.

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            Hey, this is great info for next time, thanks.

            I had to travel earlier in the morning than planned and didn't have time for breakfast on the way to the bridge after all. On the return from Manhattan I made a qucik stop at Bricktown Bagel in LIC for bagel and egg. They do make a nice bagel.