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Jul 11, 2012 06:04 AM

Ocean City Maryland Bound

Hi-I am head to the Ocean City Md area and looking for recommendations for good places to eat. Out of the way local places would be great, I can't stand the trendy, all you can eat place that line the main strip. When my family and I were there a few years ago we found a place on the way to Berlin MD called Trapp Creek, nothing fancy but the food and crabs were good. Any thoughts/recommendations appreciated.

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  1. We've been going to OC for years, and it's so full of tourist places. Sometimes we go to Rt. 54 (Delaware), but only a few blocks from OC. There is a place called Cactus Cafe. Great Mexican food. Also on the same road, a very good Italian place called Mio Fratello. Excellent food.
    There are some good places all the way down by the boardwalk if you turn onto Rt. 50. There's an Outback Steakhouse (predictable, but reliable) and a Ruth's Chris, as well as many fish restaurants on your left-hand side.

    1. We've enjoyed Harrison's Harbor Watch over the years. It's at the southern tip of the OC Boardwalk. Great views (esp. after dark) from the second floor. But great made-to-order oyster stew at the bar on the first floor.

      If you venture north to Delaware, Nantuckets in Fenwick Island is good. More casual, great place for crabs, is Fenwick Crab House.