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Jul 11, 2012 06:04 AM

Vegetarian in B'ham

My vegetarian niece is visiting. Any recommendations in Birmingham for vegetarian friendly restaurants? (Please, don't say Bottletree. I brought her there last time. Greasy, mediocre bar food is not what I have in mind.)

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  1. Not a lot of straight vegetarian restaurants here in town. Bottletree has some options but like you said they can be greasy bar food too. I used to eat there for lunch regularly but since they stopped I have not been back for food. Then you have Golden Temple, but I don't think it's particularly good. Perhaps you could take her to one of the better Indian or even Greek restaurants here which do offer a number of vegetarian dishes. You will want to ask if some of them use chicken broth though (more Greek).

    1. If you want someplace nicer you could try Bettola, they always have pizza and pasta options without meat. Slice would also have a few vegetarian pizzas (or build your own).

      1. If you can hook up with the Shindigs food truck, they offer some outstanding vegetarian fare. I've heard great things about Sababa, but haven't made it there yet. Also, check out Organic Harvest in Hoover. They are vegan friendly.

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          Go to Chez Lulu. Plenty for the vegetarian. Plenty for the omnivoire. Funky but charming atmosphere. English Village.
          Or go to a nice Italian place like Gian Marco's, Bottega, Bettola. All have plenty of vegetarian options. Indian restaurants Silver Coin, Taj India, Sitar all have numerous vegetarian options.

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            Forgot about Chez Lulu. It offers a good variety of vegetarian options.

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              Thanks! Will take her there after we get back from the beach. Forgot all about Chez Lulu - it's generally a bit too much "girly food" for me.