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Jul 11, 2012 06:03 AM

Shore Recs: At the Table in Asbury Park now BYOB

Visited shore this weekend and had a couple of really good meals . Got caught in that thunderstorm Sat night while on the point pleasant boardwalk which killed my plans to eat there. So started searching chowhound, yelp and tripadvisor for an alternative. At the Table popped up and Soulfood-comfort food sounded good in my sopping wet state. It's a couple of blocks off the main strip so there were not too many other customers unfortunately for them.
The food was terrific. I am not a huge fan of cornbread because it can be hard to choke down but theirs was moist and oven fresh. Collard greens not too sweet just the way I like them. The fried whiting with a dusting of cornmeal was perfectly done. Mashed potatoes also great --owner says she uses red bliss potatoes. I would get them over the fries which seemed like the packaged kind. My family also had the fried chicken smothered. Loved it. My 7 yo who sometimes acts like she does not need to eat wolfed down the mac n cheese. The only thing I would have changed was to ask the oxtail not be covered in a gravy which i felt was overly salty. Not sure if that means it was overly reduced cause it was late in the day.
Great food. All at fair prices. Well prepared and they do not skimp on ingredients clearly. For some reason they did not ask if we wanted dessert and anyway it was getting late so can't speak to that. Just thought I would point out the byob part cause there was some earlier chowhound discussion about that.
The other notable meal was The Buttered Biscuit. Here, unlike the previous place, there was a huge wait. We had stuffed bananas, choc, cream cheese stuffed french toast and corned beef hash. Both were terrific. The corned beef was real chunks of meat. The only thing I did not appreciate was there was a lot of cheese in it which I do not eat a lot of --but that was my fault. I should have asked them to leave it out. Juice tasted fresh. We ate outside but when I walked inside during my meal, I did notice a bit of a musty smell. Would definintely recommend though.

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  1. Met up with our friends here last night and the 6 of us had some very good hearty food. Fried chicken, fried whiting, beef ribs, meatloaf, all tasty and large portions. Sides included collard greens, mac and cheese, sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw and of course that delicious corn bread.

    Stuffed, we skipped dessert which is not easy to do here :) As previously mentioned, At The Table is now BYO. Our group enjoyed a variety of beer and wine.
    After dinner we walked over to the Bond St Bar and had a couple cold ones on their side patio while chatting with some regulars. Enjoyable evening.