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Jul 11, 2012 05:19 AM

looking for north Italy agriturismo with great food/wine

My boyfriend and I will be driving down from Zurich for a week of r and r in August, and we're looking for recommendations for someplace gastronomic to stay. We're open to any region within striking distance--Alto Adige, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna; we'd like to find a restful, picturesque base in the countryside or mountains from which to explore. Our tastes tend toward the simple and rustic; needn't be "fancy," but the rooms should be nice enough to hang out in. Many thanks in advance for any ideas--we're a bit late in the planning.

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  1. Look no further!

    Google Albergo Rosati. Its a ten or so room agriturismo a few km south of Orvieto in Umbria. We stayed there several years ago. Rooms are large and well furnished. But dinner is the event. Usually ten or fifteen at the groaning tables. The owner presides and everyone enjoys, including, some evenings, his neighbors. The wine and grappa are served until gone.

    When we were there two of our tablemates told us that they spend three weeks there every year!
    Its that much fun.

    1. La Subida just outside of Cormons is right up your alley. They have several charming rooms and cabins and 2 restaurants (one more upscale and one very casual). Amazing food, gorgeous scenery and great wine. I would return there in a heartbeat!

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        We stayed at Corteforte in Fumane. The region is famous for valpolicella, ripasso, recioto and amarone. The dinner at Corteforte was very memorable, the breakfasts were one of the best European style that we had, with fresh fruit tarts and great coffee.

        Here is my full review of the area here:

        I found the region absolutely beautiful, easy to travel around, you could hit Venice and Verona if you wanted to or the south shores of Lake Garda. Not well travelled outside of the major areas, which is a real bonus. The wineries were delightful to visit.

        Costa D'oro that we visited in Bardolino has an agriturismo too. I suspect it would be very nice as well.

      2. Stay at: The owners are friends of mine so tell them Eduardo in Zanco sent you and ask for a nice price.

        Eat at:
        Cascina Rosengana
        Via Liprandi 50
        14023 Cocconato
        Tel.: +39 0141907857
        Fax: +39 0141907914

        Ristorante CASCINA MARTINI
        Via Gianoli
        1515030 Murisengo Fraz.Corteranzo (AL

        Via Odalengo Grande, 2
        15020 ODALENGO GRANDE (AL) Fraz. Vallestura
        Telephone: 0142 949044

        We have been in Monferrato (the area north of Asti) for the last 6 years and I promise you that you won't be disappointed. The scenery is fantastic and there are no tourists. Food and wine here is second to none!

        1. Emilia Romagna is definitely a good bet. The bassa area north of Parma has plenty of places that meet your criteria i.e. wonderful food and a room to crash afterwards. Be aware though: in August it will be HOT. These three are all excellent:

          Trattoria la Buca (Zibello)

          Antica Corte Pallavicina (Polesine Parmense


          Osteria Ardenga (Soragna). No rooms

          If you don't mind a slightly longer drive I would suggest that you head for the Langhe area of Piedmont. It is stunningly beautiful and has the best wine and food on the planet. I'm not exaggerating; it's a fact. There are some well regarded agriturismi around Monforte d'Alba, which is a good base for exploring the area.

          To stay: La Torricella

          To eat:

          Trattoria della Posta

          Osteria dei Catari

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            I would second the recommendation for Antica Corte Pallavicina. We had an amazing tour and lunch there and would return to stay in a heartbeat!!

          2. All these areas you mention have wonderful gastronomical treats, but will add our vote to the stay in Piedmont group. (We will admit to being biased as we have lived here for over 10 years and have an agriturismo B&B in the heart of Piedmont’s wine country). Both Piedmont and Emiglia Romagna have the reputation of being the best food regions in a country that taught the rest of Western Europe how to cook. We are as so familiar with ER but in our few visits we think that overall Piedmont is better for the large numbers of small mom and pop osterie and trattorie and overall cuisine. Of course ER has given the food universe such delights as grana cheese and ham from Parma, balsamic vinegar and many others not least Culatello from the Bassa Parmense (only an hour from where we live in Asti) not to mention many fine restaurants, but in our opinion the Monferrato, Roero and Langhe hills centred around Asti, Alba and Acqui Terme are tops – the “zone” as another poster once put it. And then compare the wine , Lambrusco against the great reds of Piedmont and I rest my case.

            Search through this forum for old posts by ourselves, Allende and Erika for suggestions.

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