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Jul 11, 2012 05:14 AM

Seafood for 19 Year old

My 19 year old daughter is requesting seafood for her birthday dinner. Its not a party..she is celebrating on another night with her friends at home. The dinner will be just us parents and her. I do not want a stuffy or formal place but I do want something trendy, modern..something a 19 year old would want. She is not looking to eat lobster roll..she wants a meal. Places like Le Bernadin are out because we do not want to leave speinding $400 for dinner..maybe $250 tops including everything. We do not want to go to restaurant week and choose from a limited Bluefin too touristy or how about Aquagrill? I have never been to a seafood restaurant in the city. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Aquagrill would be a great choice, and the three of you could get out of there for under $250 if you don't go crazy with wine and oysters. It's not trendy - more of a perennial favorite. Of mine, anyway.

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        I second Esca. I have seen many young adults there with their parents and they always seem to be having a good time. Plus, I really like the food. I know you said "She is not looking to eat lobster roll" but if she does like lobster, I highly recommend the spaghetti with lobster, chiles and mint as a first course. Enjoy!

      2. Something fun with great seafood would be Pearls on Cornelia Street or Mary's Fish Camp. Both have no reservations and you would have to line up early to get in. I don't know what part of town you prefer but another suggestion would be Atlantic Grill. The eastside restaurant has some outdoor seating. The other Atlantic Grill is across the street from Lincoln Center.

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          I've heard Esca is..a bit there any kind of attitude there? I am pretty sure some have posted that about there. Is Mary's Fish Camp.. "shakey" looking..they sort of describe it that way in Zagats, lol.

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            There is nothing snooty about esca

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              Nothing "snooty" at all. Attitude? I've never encountered it. The wait staff is always professional and knowledgeable and more than accommodating. I guess it depends on what kind of 19 year old your daughter is. You mention "trendy and modern" so I am starting to reconsider Esca. When my niece was 19 she was pretty "trendy" but she loved going to places like Esca. She kind of rode the rail between both worlds.

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                Snooty at Esca???? The staff has always been great there!!!! Not an ounce of snootiness!!

            2. How about John Dory? Great raw bar and it can be a lively scene. I know people have had problems with service there but I think it's pretty fun.

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                Good suggestion. The OP should know that there's usually a long wait, and it can get quite crowded and loud. No reservations unless you're staying at the Ace.

              2. Wild Edibles or Ethos in Murray Hill have excellent Seafood and a nice vibe a 19 year old will enjoy.
                We often go to the Grand Central Oyster Bar for an appetizer of oysters on the half shell and chowder before we head over to another restaurant for dinner. It's a nice unique NYC experience. Make sure you eat at the Oyster Bar not the sit down table or tavern section. The other seafood dishes are not memorable but the oyster bar experience will impress.